Friday, January 5, 2018

"Hostage, My Ass"

Remember Joshua Boyle. He and his wife had been held captive by the Taliban in Afghanistan until they were rescued by Pakistani commandos last October.

Boyle was a Canadian citizen, so he was welcomed back to Canada by Prime Minister Justin Bieber:

Now, Boyle is back in the news… for being a serial rapist, among other things. The Ottawa Sun has the story:

Joshua Boyle, rescued along with his family in October after five years in captivity in Afghanistan, is now in an Ottawa jail on charges of sexual assault, forcible confinement and administering a noxious drug.

Boyle, 34, spent New Year’s Day at the Innes Road jail after Ottawa police arrested him for a series of disturbing, alleged crimes dating back to October.

Boyle, best known for his brief marriage to Omar Khadr’s older sister, was abducted by a Taliban-linked group while on what he has called a backpacking trip. His children were born and raised in captivity until their rescue by Pakistani commandos.

And also:

In all, Boyle is facing 15 criminal charges, ranging from assault, to sexual assault, to forcible confinement and administering a noxious drug (Trazodone).

This paper has a policy of not identifying sex assault complainants and none of the charges has been proved in court.

When Boyle was released, Kate, on the Small Dead Animals blog (via Maggie’s Farm) responds:

Hostage, my ass.


Shaun F said...

I never bought that he was a hostage. The whole just wandering through Afghanistan didn't make sense. One thing to keep in mind: reporters generally just report verbatim whatever is told to them - they rarely do any further checking into the facts.

Sam L. said...

The Stupid is strong in this one.

Susan said...

Prime Minister Justin Bieber? Ha-ha!