Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Swedes Are Blind to Rape Culture in Sweden

Apparently, Swedes have been ignoring what is happening in Sweden. They have especially been ignoring the rising number of sexual assaults. After all, the government and the intellectual elites have, like their confreres and consoeurs in Hollywood, embraced feminism and practice multicultural diversity.

The world has known it for some time, but Sweden has become the rape culture capital of the Western world. Now, Swedes themselves are beginning to notice.

For the most part, Swedish government officials have dealt with the problem by pretending that it is not a problem. They dutifully register sex crimes but dutifully ignore the ethnic origin of the perpetrators. It makes the statistics look better but it does not help the Swedish women who are the victims of these attacks.

Now, instead of relying on police statistics, a Swedish organization has taken a survey to discover the truth lurking behind the statistics. It has discovered that the numbers are high, indeed. From the Daily Mail:

Sweden has launched an investigation into the soaring number of rapes after it emerged that one in 24 women have [sic] fallen victim to a sexual offence.

The Swedish Crime Survey found that 4.1 per cent of women had experienced some form of sexual offence between 2012 and 2016.

The country's Moderate Party has now demanded to know if the alarming figures are linked to migration after a probe was launched to find out the reason for the spike in incidents.

Sweden's National Council on Crime Prevention (Brå) carried out the survey, which was published in November 2017 and has now been tasked with examining the increase, according to The Local.

Participants were told that the term 'sexual offences' covered a range of crimes from assault to exhibitionism. Figures were drawn from the answers given rather than from police reports. 

Would you believe that some moderate Swedes are now asking whether or not it has anything to do with immigration? Duh. 

We know that Germany is being rewarded for opening its arms to refugees with a crime wave, comprising sexual assaults, homicide and larceny. Isn’t multiculturalism great? Germany also boasts of an unemployment rate among migrants of something like 90%.

Happily for the politically correct and pusillanimous Swedes, their crime wave is not limited to sexual offenses:

At the time of the publication of the survey, Åsa Strid from Brå told The Local: 'These results raise a number of questions about why so many more people are reporting that they have experienced sexual offences.'

The group's media officer said it had received its orders to carry out an investigation but that the work was still at the early stages.

Last year's survey also found that the proportion of Sweden's population who had been victims of 'crime against an individual' was at its highest since 2006, when records began. This included crimes such as sexual offences, assault, threats, muggings and fraud.

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Sam L. said...

I wouldn't say that the Swedes haven't noticed, but the Swedes' governments have prevented the "sanitized" police reports from identifying the suspects/culprits.
It's the old "Name That Party" game: If the perp is not fully identified, then almost certainly he/she is one of the group that you expect them to be. Otherwise, the perp would be fully identified.

I hope, but do not expect, the Swedes to go a-Viking on their governments.