Wednesday, April 11, 2018

A Postmodern Thelma and Louise

I do not need to explain why this story has received so little attention. The Other McCain blog describes what happened, simply and directly:

Two white lesbians adopt six black children, abuse them for a decade, parade them around as mascots, and then kill them in a murder-suicide.

Investigators knew that the accident was not an accident:

There were no brake marks on that highway overlooking the Pacific shore, police say. Jennifer Hart drove toward that cliff at top speed. Why? Because for the fourth time, the Harts were being investigated for child abuse, and so their “family that champions for things that matter” had to die together, plunging 100 feet headlong into the abyss.

Is it excessive to see this as an updated postmodern version of Thelma and Louise… this time the women decide to murder some black children with them. 

Prof. Stacey Patton provided analysis in the Washington Post. She wanted to expose the myth of the white savior who was going to rescue blacks from… who knows what?

The Harts had made their family a public witness to their own “wokeness.”

Patton recalls an event from 2014:

When Devonte Hart’s emotional photo went viral in 2014, white America embraced it. The image of a black kid in a fedora, giving out “free hugs” to a white officer during a police brutality protest was viewed as a sign of hope and racial reconciliation. It was, as CNN put it, “the picture we needed.” 

Patton saw something else:

I identified with the pain I saw on Devonte’s face and bristled at what seemed to be a staged act of virtue, a black boy forced by his white adoptive mothers to overcome his fears and offer comfort and hope to white people. . 

Devonte likely died in the accident. And yet, we now know that these perfectly woke parents were abusing their children… for a decade:

Authorities believe that Devonte’s body may have washed out to sea last month after one of his mothers intentionally plunged the family’s SUV off a 100-foot cliff in California, with his five siblings inside. Since then, a timeline of suspected abuse has emerged stretching back a decade. The children had complained to teachers and neighbors about being hit and deprived of food. One teenage daughter looked nearly half her age. And in the days before the family disappeared, Devonte had repeatedly prodded neighbors to contact authorities for help. He showed up at their home three times one day to get food for his siblings, they said. 

But even as these details came out, some continued to defend Jennifer and Sarah Hart

Patton explains white saviorism:

It seems that America cannot see or hear black children’s tears unless they are framed in the context of white redemption or white saviorism. In the 2014 photo, people looked past Devonte’s pain to see what they wanted to see, what they needed to believe: an image of racial unity, forgiveness, and progress that isn’t happening in America. And now, many are struggling to see two white women, who “saved” a half-dozen black children from their hard beginnings, as anything other than virtuous. 

Naturally, some people still defend Jennifer and Sarah… because they had good hearts… or is it, Harts. The Washington Post reports:

“Your friends are killers,” wrote one commenter in response to a post by Jammie Hermans, a friend of the Harts’ who had written a long tributethat called the couple “the example of marriage and parenting that I looked to and wanted to emulate.” 

Hermans, in an interview, said the messages she has endured on Facebook demonstrate “how far we still have to go in race relations.The racial tension is still there.”

True fanatics will never let a fact, even the most horrifying fact, shake their faith.

McCain concludes.

We may have finally reached “peak SJW” — a white liberal woman whose lesbian friend killed six black children, praising this murderous psycho as an “example of marriage and parenting” worthy of emulation. And, when her praise elicits (understandable) angry reactions from black people, she says this shows “how far we still have to go in race relations.”

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McCain has a point. Which is being ignored by so many. Because they can't wrap their minds around it.