Monday, April 2, 2018

Traumatized for Life

Herewith a mug shot of Kenleigh Prendergast. Her crime: she brazenly seduced a sixteen or seventeen year old high student. She did it in the context of her job as a guidance counselor at same high school.

Prendergast lost her job and is being indicted for sexual battery. Local law enforcement suggest that no force or coercion was involved. As you can imagine, the poor high school student who was seduced by Prendergast has been traumatized for life.

Spartansburg County Sheriffs Office


Sam L. said...

I can't say that that would be EVERY teen-aged boy's dream, so I'll just say it could be that of a significant percentage.

Me, well, I'm way past that part of my life.

Jack Hoff said...

Where the hell were these teachers when I was in high school??

Anonymous said...

It is estimated that one third of all sexual encounters with students in K1 through 12 are committed by female teachers probably much higher.

Anonymous said...

Let's describe these poor "victimized" boys as what they really are: "LUCKY BASTARDS!"