Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The You Tube Shooter: The Perils of Toxic White Masculinity

38 year old Nasim Aghdam walked into the YouTube campus armed with a weapon. She had developed a serious grievance against the company and had chosen this way to express her feelings.

She described herself as a:

… Persian Azeri female vegan athlete and animal rights activist promoting VEGANISM, the healthy and humane way of living

She entertained some highly sophisticated political opinions:

Be aware! Dictatorship exists in all countries but with different tactics!

They only care for personal and short-term profits and do anything to reach their goals even by fooling simple-minded people, hiding the truth, manipulating science and everything.

For my part I blame it on her toxic white masculinity.

You will be happy to know that her father, concerned about her propensity to commit acts of violence, had reported her to the FBI. The FBI was on the case.

Her father informed the FBI… it was on the case.


Anonymous said...

Is it me or is it that almost all these cases of violence with the idea of killing a large number of people have the fact that the FBI was informed? It also seems that local police forces knew about these people. One wonders why the FBI is always late to take action? Maybe too much involvement with political machinations to garner control and power and only those things that interfere with those political machinations?
What does it take to get the attention of the FBI? As a person who use to have a great deal of respect for the FBI I am beginning to believe we need to totally do away with it and start over developing an agency with far more constraints on them and never allowing any agent to stay in Washington DC for more than two years. Being involved in politics is grounds for immediate suspension. The equality of law enforcement is too important not to place strict rules upon those who would be enforcing those laws. What applies to every citizen needs to apply to them. NO secret courts which are too easy to abuse.
Another red flag missed!

JPL17 said...

"[In all] these cases ... the FBI was informed ... One wonders why the FBI is always late to take action?"

But what if they're not late to take action, Anon? What if instead of being late, they're actually getting in early, i.e., as soon as someone tips them off about the mentally unstable person contemplating violence? But instead of taking steps to stop the plot, they encourage and assist it? You know, kind of like Eric Holder's "Fast and Furious" operation program (i.e., "the worse gun violence gets, the better"), but on steroids? That might account for why the FBI features in nearly every one of these recent attacks.

Of course this is a paranoid idea. But the mere fact it even occurs to me shows just how low the FBI's credibility has fallen.

Sam L. said...

"38 year old Nasim Aghdam walked into the YouTube campus with an armed weapon."
The weapon was armed? Sense this does not make. Perhaps you meant "armed with a weapon", which makes me wonder what that weapon was: a bat, a knife, a pistol, a rifle?
A bomb?

Stuart Schneiderman said...

thanks... correction made.

Sam L. said...

Incidentally, I LOVE the hed for that "Wait. WHAT??" moment it generated.