Saturday, April 28, 2018

Misogyny on the Left

Maybe we should be surprised. Somehow, we aren’t. After all, the feminist paradise of Sweden routinely covers up rapes by refugees. In my view, often expressed on this blog, the practice smacks of human sacrifice, sacrificing young women to the gods of multiculturalism.

And yet, we are still appalled when reading Tom Knighton’s report about the goings on in the Maine state legislature. The issue was a law banning female genital mutilation. As Knighton says, was there ever an issue more prone to have bipartisan support? Apparently not. The Democrats in the state legislature voted, in lockstep, to reject the ban. Thus, female genital mutilation is legal in Maine.

Read Knighton’s story and see the face of leftist misogyny:

If ever there was a bipartisan cause in this country, shouldn't it be banning female genital mutilation? Well, a bill banning FGM in the state of Maine was just voted down -- along party lines.

As Townhall's Elizabeth Yore reports, "69 GOP (and 1 Dem) [voted] for the bill and 77 Dems and Independents [voted[ against an FGM bill that would criminalize female genital mutilation."

Yore continues: "The Democratic House legislators who voted against this FGM bill curiously argued that 'FGM doesn’t happen in Maine,' despite the fact that Maine is one of only eight federal pilot programs to address the exponential growth of FGM in America. If little girls in Maine are not at risk for FGM, then why is Maine receiving more than $200,000 a year from the federal government to help prevent FGM?"

Even if the Democrats' claim, that "FGM doesn't happen in Maine," was true, what is the objection to banning the practice before it arrives there? In reality, this common practice in the Muslim world is being committed in the United States by immigrant populations.

Of course, genital mutilation does happen in Maine. It happens in Somali immigrant communities, and perhaps not merely there. And yet, the Maine Democratic Party could not bring itself to ban it.


In the first place, multiculturalists believe that the worst crime you can commit is bigotry. They are phobic about being accused of racism, so they open the doors to the genital mutilation of girls. Thus, they are willing to sacrifice young girls to the gods of multiculturalism.

Second, the American left has thoroughly embraced the cause of transgenderism. If you don’t accept it, you are a cold, heartless bigot. Since transgenderism has persuaded physicians and even parents to accept that a 6 or 8 year old child can declare him or herself to be of the opposite sex, it has happily accepted mutilation as treatment. Giving these children puberty blocking hormones, eventually mutilating their genitals, or, in the case of girls, giving them double mastectomies… has become acceptable medical practice.

The facts tell us that the large majority of children who claim to be of the opposite sex change their minds when they reach puberty. It does not matter to our thought police. Anything that protects you from the charge of bigotry is acceptable.

Call this by its name: pagan idolatry run amok. No wonder they hate Western civilization.


Sam L. said...

One might expect Democrats to lose thousands of women's votes after this. I wouldn't want to bet on that, given what I've seen Dems do.

L. Beau said...

"In the first place, multiculturalists believe that the worst crime you can commit is bigotry. They are phobic about being accused of racism, so they open the doors to the genital mutilation of girls. Thus, they are willing to sacrifice young girls to the gods of multiculturalism."

They call that intersectionality.

It's as boneheaded as it sounds.

Ares Olympus said...
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Anonymous said...

AO, your idiocy knows no bounds.

Clearly Snopes is your go-to “fact-checker” website. Wow, are you a sleuth! Maybe you should go work for Robert Mueller to help him get to the bottom of imagined/manufactured crimes.

Once again, your critical reading skills are lacking. Read what Stuart wrote, and the article actually says. No one is saying the Maine Democrats voted to ALLOW FGM, what they did was vote against a bill to BAN FGM. That is the critical difference, and the point Stuart is making with the multiculti religion. “Hey, look at me, I’m not a bigot, I’m open-minded. Sure, other cultures have barbaric butcher practices against women — and I love women — but who am I to judge?”

That’s what passes for “reason” and “open-mindedness” from leftists today. As long as evangelical Christians don’t do FGM, it’s all fair game. It’s like some anthropological safari for self-proclaimed “sophisticated” people: “We’re watching the noble savages in their environment, and how they perform surgical art on the female sex organs of young girls. Let’s watch now...”

The Maine bill was not to allow FGM, it was to ban it. Big difference. And in the end, Democrats united to block the law banning it. That is news, sir.

Yes, according to Snopes, there is a federal law against FGM. What does that have to do with anything? If the feds don’t prosecute such laws (like immigration laws), Maine is creating jurisdiction to prosecute under state law. If you understood law at all, you’d know that you can not prosecute someone for something unless there’s a law for it. I’m sure that’s news for you.

Sorry these distinctions go over your head, but we readers here have gotten used to your absence of logic.

Looks like you’re in a rush to float your interpretations disguised as facts. And you mocking Townhall while pasting links to the Huffington Post. You have no shame! You’re the one claiming moral and intellectual superiority, compensating for your misguided fawning over barbaric, misogynistic rituals.

Like Minnesota, Maine has a large Somali refugee population, so I’m sure you’re well acquainted with the problems that come from locating a third world population that doesn’t want to assimilate, choosing instead to cling to tribal practices that sanctify primitive Islamic notions of femininity.

Wake up, you fool. Go to Wikipedia and read about what FGM is and what it’s for. The. Go read articles about Amanda Lindhout, and learn what Somalia is really like.

Ares Olympus said...

Anon@4:06PM, you're the impassioned person here ready to judge motives with scant evidence. Rush Limbaugh taught me "Don't trust the facts of people with causes."

Yore says nothing about an alternative bill, so here's what the snopes articles says, even if it was written to help to correct a different even more biased false article.
This year’s LePage-Sirocki [Republican] bill would make female genital mutilation a Class A felony for someone to perform it on a minor that isn’t their child and a Class B felony for a parent. The Democratic bill would make it a Class A crime to perform it on a minor and authorize the Department of Health and Human Services to do outreach on it.

I'm in no position to judge which bill is better, and voting down a specific bill to me suggests a need for improvement, not a "a clear message that female genital mutilation (FGM) performed on young girls should not be a crime in their state."

sestamibi said...

No FGM in Maine? Sure, just like this:

Ares Olympus said...

Here's the link for the quote from my reply comment, and deleted in my first comment which was extremely short. Anyone depending on townhall for unbiased information is fooling themselves.