Friday, June 22, 2018

Gender Deformity and the LSATs

If you were wondering why half of the country seems to have lost its mind, take a gander at this. It's from the form you have to fill out to take the LSATs. It makes the new madness about gender identity settled law. Aspiring lawyers must buy into the nation's gender deformity-- it's part of the price of admissions.


Walt said...

WTF is the difference between a Man and a Non-transgender man?

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

The whole transgender issue is nothing more than the nuttiest example of extreme-outlier-going-mainstream.

“Questioning or unsure” is a preposterous option. I thought the mantra was “You bigot! People just know when they’re _____!” Well, it would seem here that they do not.

It is embarrassing to watch etherwise sentient adults falling over each other to accommodate this sideshow non-issue of gender. If gender is so “spectral,” why are people trying so hard to define it? Seems limiting, demeaning, bigoted and unfair.

Another example of the media driving their pet sideshow demographic as “news.”

Assistant Village Idiot said...

My first thought would be to reflexively answer "man," but I don't want to give these nutcases too much information. "Prefer not to answer" has a nice ring to it.

Sam L. said...

I refuse to answer on the grounds that my words will be used against me.