Saturday, June 30, 2018

Once-Great Britain Descends into Multicultural Madness

In principle, Great Britain voted to exit the European Union because it feared the open arms and open borders policies of its neighbors. By the terms of the Union, migrants admitted into Germany, France and Sweden would be free to travel and to settle in Britain. IN addition, the Brits had had enough with the Brussels bureaucrats deciding how they should run their country, and you arrive at Brexit.

So far, so good.

And yet, now that most of Europe is awakening to the dangers posed by the waves of Muslim refugees that they have welcomed into their midst, Great Britain seems blissfully impervious to the danger they pose. Eastern European nations have closed their borders. Germany is about to implode politically under the weight of the Merkel policy… you know the story.

And yet, once-Great Britain is mired in the past, in the Merkel-Obama past where the true war is not against Islam, but against Islamophobia.

Bruce Bawer has the story, and a depressing story it is. He addresses the question of Muslim assimilation first. He notes that British Muslims teach their children not to socialize with non-Muslim children, even to shun them for being infidels.

For those who imagined that Muslims would easily embrace the bounty of Western civilization, this must come as something of a shock. For those not deluded, it does not.

Bawer suggests that it explains the relative insouciance of local police when they learned of grooming gangs. Gang rape of English schoolgirls by Muslim men… not a problem. Sex trafficking of English schoolgirls by Muslim men… not a problem. The chance of being accused of being a racist… big problem. For the uninitiated, it’s called human sacrifice:

The clear Koranic directives about relations with infidels explains a lot. It accounts, for example, for the existence in cities all over England of so-called “grooming gangs” -- those groups of violent Muslim rapists that, over a period of years or decades, have maintained bevies of non-Muslim girls to satisfy their carnal desires. From earliest childhood, these Muslim men have been brought up on the unworthiness of non-Muslims -- and, particularly, on the tenet that it's not just permissible but virtuous to sexually abuse female infidels. So it only follows, as night follows day, that forming stables of sex toys out of other people's children is hunky-dory.

We know, of course, that British authorities were aware of these rape gangs for a long time but failed to do anything about them for fear of being called racist. In some cities, pressure by activists eventually compelled those authorities to act against these gangs. But the same authorities have striven to minimize the scale of these atrocities, to distract public attention from them as much as possible, to deny any connection between them and the teachings of Islam, and to harass and demonize those -- most famously, Tommy Robinson -- who insist on responding to them with the appropriate degree of outrage and on pointing out their Islamic roots.

Once-Great Britain has become an Orwellian dystopia where Western civilization is the root of all evil and where Muslim culture is an unalloyed good. If ever anyone Muslim does anything wrong, the fault must like with those dastardly Western Christians. If not the Christians, blame it on the Jews.

Well, the main point is that it's a perfect specimen of what would appear to be Britain's new Orwellian orthodoxy, which, one gathers, compels every good Brit to affirm that, where Islam is concerned, everything is the exact opposite of the way it really is. According to this orthodoxy -- which isn't exclusive to Britain, but which increasingly seems to have reached its fullest flowering there (and, needless to say, in poor, lost Sweden) -- it's Islamic culture that embodies virtue and decency and all good things, and it's one's own culture that represents a malignant threat thereto.

The new ethos has even infected the criminal justice system. It reminds you of the Obama administration directive, to the effect that schools should cease expelling disruptive minority youth like Nikolas Cruz, because it made it appear that these children were criminals. If you do not call them criminals they cannot be criminals, right?

In Once Great Britain, the same pertains:

This is a country where judges are now officially instructed to go soft on non-white criminals while coming down hard on people convicted of expressing offensive attitudes toward protected groups.

The fault lies in multiculturalism, layered over with intense Western guilt. Whatever it is, it’s a very bad sign:

Have they really -- 1984 style -- developed a blindness to the evils of Islam and a perverse conviction that it's their own native culture that's the menace? Are they so devoted to multiculturalism that they're willing to be complicit in the destruction of any number of girls' lives -- and willing, too, to sell out centuries of British freedom, fairness, and justice -- in order to see it flourish? Are they so imbued with that famous British politeness that they dare not speak up against even the most blatant of evils? Are they just plain cowards? Or is the difference between the Brits and their burka-forbidding neighbors rooted in British imperial history? In other words, is it post-imperial guilt, fed by anti-Western schooling and the poisonous BBC, that is leading the British, in remarkable numbers, to grovel to Islam even more shamefully than their counterparts in most of the rest of Europe?

One understands that the Brits despise President Trump. One understands that Trump has not exactly paid obeisance to Theresa May. Beyond the fact that May has shown herself to be singularly inept in negotiating Brexit, might it be that May herself, a Tory, no less, has declared that she has no problem with women wearing burqas-- because she thinks it a free choice. Once Great Britain no longer even pretends to be a world leader.


Sam L. said...

The Brits have enstupidated themselves and made themselves the carpet that Muslims walk on.

dfordoom said...

The problem with Brexit is that it was fuelled by the belief that British society was being undermined and destroyed by the evil EU bureaucrats in Brussels, when in fact Britain's real enemies were the traitors in Westminster. Britain has the most malignant ruling class on the planet and that ruling class intends to destroy every shred of British culture and British identity.

Theresa May is a far more dangerous enemy than Merkel.

Anonymous said...

Here's the Spectator's take on the special relation of Britain and islam:

"In all the agonising about Islamism, and what to do about it, it would be a mistake to forget a very useful fact: that Britain has a special relationship with Islam and has done for centuries. The friendship with Islam is unique.

Spain was home to Andalusia, a Muslim empire for 700 years. The Germans, Poles and Austrians saw off Turkish Muslim invaders in the Siege of Vienna in 1529 and then again at the Battle of Vienna in 1683. The French lived in the shadow of 732 and the Battle of Poitiers. Britain alone, cut off from Catholic Europe, forged a relationship with Muslims built on trade, the rule of law, mutual respect and an exchange of ideas and cultures. It would be a terrible shame to forget this friendship now.

It was Queen Elizabeth I who did more than anyone to cultivate this relationship. During the Reformation, what might be considered the first Brexit, England was isolated by Europe’s Catholic monarchs and, in 1570, Elizabeth was excommunicated by Pope Pius V. The Protestant Queen refused to bow to European intimidation so she found new and willing allies in the Muslim Ottomans, then a 400-year-old empire with territories in the Balkans, North Africa, central Asia and the Middle East."

Elizabeth I, not the current Elizabeth, she is II.

Sam L. said...

Of course, the Muslims couldn't invade England then, other than the one in the latest Robin Hood movie.