Saturday, June 9, 2018

Rape-Murder in Angela Merkel's Germany

As German Chancellor Angela Merkel struts her stuff at the G-7 meeting in Quebec, life in Germany continues to deteriorate. No one seems to notice it, but Merkel’s open arms for migrants policy is a principle reason why America and Eastern Europe has renounced her vision and her leadership. She is also, I surmise, an important reason why America did not want Hillary Clinton in the White House.

The New York Times reports today’s horror story from Merkel’s open-arms Paradise. Since the Times has not been alarmist about the migrant crisis anywhere, its highlighting this story means that things are becoming too bad to ignore.

It’s just one more rape/murder, this time of a fourteen year old child, committed by an Iraqi migrant. I have often called it human sacrifice to the gods of multiculturalism.

The story has blown up in the German press, eclipsing stories about Donald Trump:

It was a gruesome murder: A 14-year-old girl was raped and strangled, her body buried under brushwood in a secluded area near the railway tracks near her hometown in western Germany.

But the fact that the chief suspect is an Iraqi asylum seeker has turned a terrible crime into political dynamite.

On Friday, the case dominated the German news media and became the latest cudgel for Chancellor Angela Merkel’s opponents and, some predicted, a potential turning point in the migration debate in a country where some 10,000 asylum seekers still enter every month.

There is no doubt the murder has given ammunition to those who want to get tougher, led by the far right, who are waging a widening challenge to what they contend is the government’s botched handling of asylum cases.

Germany is still letting 10,000 asylum seekers enter the country each month. It’s a paradise where a skewed view of civil liberties and cosmopolitan universalism has overcome concerns with safety.

The Times notwithstanding, the problem is not the government’s handling of asylum cases. The problem is the absurd Merkel policy. Do you think that it’s irrational to want to get tougher on immigration? Do you understand why Eastern European nations reject the Merkel policy? Does it make sense that Donald Trump wants to build a wall… and was elected on the policy?

The murderer entered Germany when Merkel opened her nation in 2015:

The murder suspect, identified as Ali Bashar, a 20-year-old Iraqi, arrived in Germany in October 2015, shortly after Ms. Merkel opened the borders to hundreds of thousands of migrants. He was rejected in late 2016, but was allowed to stay in the country while his appeal was pending.

“If he had been deported, she would still be alive,” read a headline in the country’s largest tabloid, Bild, which devoted two pages to the case.

He came to the attention of the police several times, involving allegations of jostling a police officer, robbing a passer-by and carrying a knife.

The right wing AfD is up in arms about the case. Do you think that perhaps the outrage is real?

On Thursday night, after reports of the killing, Alice Weidel, the deputy leader of the AfD, accused Ms. Merkel of sharing responsibility in the death of the girl, who has been identified by the authorities as Susanna Feldmann, and called for her entire cabinet to step down.

“Make way for an asylum policy that is built around law and order, so fathers and mothers in our country no longer need to be afraid for their children,” Ms. Weidel said in a video posted on Twitter.

“What do you say to the parents of the murdered #Susanna, Frau Merkel?” she tweeted later.

It is not just the right. Centrist politicians are also appalled that the murderer was allowed to leave the country. (He was later captured in Iraq.):

But there was plenty of outrage among centrist politicians, too. “Why was the perpetrator able to leave the country apparently under a false name?” asked Christian Lindner, the leader of the liberal Free Democrats, who has also expressed support for a parliamentary inquiry.

Karl Lauterbach, a politician of the center-left Social Democrats, put it this way: “How can a suspect get on a plane, even though his identity is unclear and cannot be established beyond doubt?”

The leader of Germany’s police union says that the situation is out of control:

Rainer Wendt, head of one of Germany’s biggest police unions, said the murder was emblematic of something larger.

“People feel that the state has lost control,” Mr. Wendt said. “There are thousands of people in the country and we don’t know who they are. That is an enormous security risk.”

“A weak state no longer has the structure to quickly produce the right decisions,” he said, adding that police, courts and migration officials had too few resources.

And this is the kind of leadership the American left wants to bring to America. This is the kind of leadership that now defines the great Western alliance. Rather than blame it on Trump, why not examine the leadership failure that is Angela Merkel.

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