Tuesday, September 25, 2018

America's Woman Warriors

How is the American military maintaining readiness? How is it remaining strong and powerful, ready to face any enemy and to win any battle? You guessed it: it’s bringing women into the combat infantry, beginning with the Army Rangers.

That’s right: what really mattered to the Ash Carter/Barack Obama military was: to prove an ideological point, namely that women are as strong as men and can do anything that men can do.

You would think, Ray Starmann reports at U. S. Defense Watch (via Maggie’s Farm) that the James Mattis military would have put an end to the nonsense, but, alas, it continues. Wouldn’t want to upset the delicate sensibilities of American feminists.

Starrman has the story, a story that you will not likely be reading in many other places:

In 2015, former Secretary of Defense Ash and Trash Carter desperately needed some proof; real or fraudulent, that women could hack it in the combat arms. The $36 million dollar, Marine Corps study couldn’t do that. It clearly showed in minute detail how all female and coed units were slaughtered by all male units in simulated combat.
Enter Captain Griest and First Lieutenant Haver, who, along with several other females, were attending Ranger School down at Fort Benning, Georgia. The word quickly went out. There would be one or two Lady Rangers presented to the world, in order to give Carter the ‘proof’ he needed to authorize women to serve in the combat arms and special operations forces of the US military.

Politicizing the military-- that’s the ticket. As for First Lieutenant Haver, what are the facts?

Meanwhile, US Defense Watch was given documents that showed Haver had been one of 50 women at Fort Carson, who spent 90 straight days preparing for Ranger School. In fact, Haver flunked land navigation repeatedly at Carson and should never have been sent to Benning in the first place. Even in the days of GPS, a Ranger who can’t use a map and compass is as worthless as a golfer who can’t putt.

Of course, the requirements are skewed, to the point of absurdity:

Two months later, Major Lisa Jaster, a 37 year old mother of two ‘graduated’ from Ranger School, in what can only be described as a Diversity Bridge too Far, in the army’s attempts to prove that women can successfully graduate from the course. A 37 year old man graduating from the school is miraculous, a 37 year old mommy of two graduating is a fraud….

After Mommy Ranger’s graduation, another baker’s dozen of female graduated from the school in the last three years.

It was hoped that Secretary of Defense James Mattis would eradicate the PC madness infecting the military, but to date, Mattis has shown himself to be just as worthless as Ash Carter.

Obviously, careerism and sucking up to political correctness prevail in today’s Pentagon:

In order to placate fools in Congress and their superiors, in order to pad their pensions, promotions and future defense contractor jobs, Pentagon perfumed princes have demanded female graduates from Ranger School, national security be damned.

What’s happening at Fort Benning is a disgrace to the brave Rangers who went before in Sicily, at Pointe du Hoc, on Omaha Beach, in Burma, in the Philippines, in Vietnam, Mogadishu, Iraq and Afghanistan.

What’s happening at Fort Benning is a fraud and a conspiracy that goes all the way to the desk of Secretary of Defense James Mattis.

Has anyone wondered what happens to morale when different soldiers are held to different standards? Do the women who have fulfilled lesser standards command the same respect as other special forces operatives?


ASM826 said...

This problem will fix itself, as all illusions about combat arms do, in the next war. It will cost lives and material as it always does.

Dr. Irredeemable Dreg said...

It's possible to be amused by this if, and only if, one's life will never be dependent on the capabilities of one's fellow warriors. Recall that in Sweden, Australia, and the US, boy's soccer teams beat national women's teams.

However, every cloud has a silver lining, and the silver lining here is the growing participation of transgender males participating in women's sports. The Olympics, sexually segregated since modern inception for reasons both obvious and necessary, are destined to become pointless for female participation in virtually all events save, perhaps, "sports" like synchronized swimming. In particular, I look forward to the results in boxing.

Leo G said...

37? Look to atheletes to see the bunk in this. Even golfers, who may place tremendous strain on certain bodily areas, but not like hockey, football, etc. are usually out of the winners circle for good by that age. Because the brain is no longer as nimble or as able to concentrate with laser like focus for 5 hours a day.

37? Bull sh..!

Deana said...

Yes but why should innocent men have to pay the price for this foolishness? Progressives celebrate that which is a manifest lie but when this bill comes due, they are never the ones forced to pay.

Anonymous said...

Women have the element of surprise on their side and can ambush their prey while topless.

Sam L. said...

What do you think will happen when the first woman Ranger gets killed? I hear cries of "You should NEVER MADE them do that!!!!1111!!!"

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:16.

That might work for an enemy who actually cares about that ,but also knows if he wins he will get anything he wants from this female solider. 15 YO


Rick O'Shea said...

I’m a Vietnam combat veteran and believe woman in combat is total bullshit. There are times when commanders need to get pretty tough on certain troops. Try that on a woman and the first thing she is going to claim is discrimination or harassment or abuse. In other words, the commander is helpless in leading women as his superiors would side with her in today’s politically correct military. Besides, there will always be those who want to screw her, not to mention the awkwardness of watching her drop deuces while on ambush. Lol!

Anonymous said...

My son in law was a Pathfinder in the Army. He delights in telling the story about one of their infiltration exercise agains't a US Army unit. The two of them worked their way up to where they were laying on either side of the woman who was on guard duty. They yelled "Boo" the rifle went flying and the woman ran away. Cannot imaging what would have happened to that unit...............

Rick O'Shea,

That is not to even mention the female diseases that can happen in combat environments, especially in NAM. I believe one of the first American prisoners in Iraq was a man and woman who were out having a little tumble in the sand. One cannot remove sex from naturally sexual beings.