Saturday, September 1, 2018

Farrakhan at Aretha Franklin's Funeral

There is no excuse. There is no reason to ignore the fact that Louis Farrakhan, an inveterate anti-Semite was granted an honored place at Aretha Franklin’s funeral. He was seated next to notable race hustler, Al Sharpton, two places down from Jesse Jackson and Bill Clinton.

Naturally, the assembled performers took the occasion to condemn the Trump administration and to promote the thugs of the Black Live Matter Movement.

But, by honoring Farrakhan the event was honoring anti-Semitism. It was a defining event. Obviously, it was Franklin’s wish… but still… as long as it goes unanswered we are being led to believe that major segments of the African-American community, to say nothing of Bill and Hillary Clinton are down with anti-Semitism. It was disgraceful.

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan (left) was seated next to Rev Al Sharpton, Rev Jesse Jackson and President Bill Clinton at Aretha Franklin's memorial service in Detroit on Friday


Anonymous said...

Jessie "hymietown(sp?)" Jackson, Al "freddies fashionmart" Sharpton don't count as anti-Semitic?


Sam L. said...

The man who wasn't there:

Johann Amadeus Metesky said...

I write about cars and New Bethel Baptist is just a few miles from my house so I went over to take photos of the 100+ pink Cadillacs the church invited to line the street in front of the funeral.

At the corner of Telegraph and Seven Mile Rd there were a small handful of Westboro Baptist Church protesters ("God hates lukewarm Christians" "Aretha is in hell"). No doubt because of Calypso Louie's presence there were a bunch of bowtie wearing NOI members giving out copies of The Final Call newspaper. I got some photos of the Black Muslims interacting with the Westboro Baptist folks. I doubt they realize they are more similar than different.

Black Christian clergy have made a deal with the devil concerning Farakhan. They know he has support in the black community so they don't want to alienate him, and they also want to show solidarity with another black clergyman who is sticking it to the Man. It's as though they don't know that he has designs on their flocks.