Sunday, September 30, 2018

Questioning Christine Blasey Ford

A Facebook page called Common Sense soapbox throws some doubt and some shade at Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony. Since no one has really asked whether her testimony made any real sense, why not examine this account of the facts, and especially the incoherences and the contradictions.

You have to ask yourself whether our inherent sympathy for an individual who has been harmed is blinding us to the facts.

Without any commentary, recounted in Ford’s voice:

I don’t know whose house it happened at or even what year it happened. I don’t know if I got there before everyone else or after. I don’t know how I got there or how I got home over 8 miles away (at the age of 15).

My life time friend doesn’t remember any of this ( and the other 3 people I said were there testified under oath they don’t know anything about this).

I have a fear of flying , but have no problem jet-setting all over the world while on vacation. I’ve been on airplanes more in the past two months than most people in a year, but my fear is completely legit.

I don’t know who paid for my hotel and polygraph test( the afternoon of my grandmothers funeral, or maybe it was the next day, who knows). And guess what? I flew there. Oh and that polygraph, it was only two questions, neither of which were about Kavanaugh. But hey, I passed so that’s all that matters. And my PhD in psychology definitely, in no way, helped me with it or my testimony today.

My friends on the beach encouraged me to continue contacting the media with my story (because we were running out of time). I can’t name them, so we’ll just call them beach friends. Yet while giving such great advice, none were willing to be character witnesses. Meanwhile, Judge Kavanaugh had hundreds of character witnesses step up in a matter of days.

My lawyers, out of the kindness of their hearts, are helping me for FREE yet I have a “needed” gofundme page that currently is sitting at $473,622. I’m so desperately in need of help there’s even a second gofundme with $209,987. I promise though I’m not getting anything out of my testimony, that money is just going to cover my expenses.

I’m super smart. I have a PhD and I teach graduate students. I know lots of big words, but it should be totally believable that I don’t understand basic questions.

I was the only person in the United States that didn’t know Congress agreed to come to me instead of me going to DC. They really do care about my flying phobia after all.
Get the picture yet, America?

For those of you that want to know about the polygraph, you can see it here:


Dr. Irredeemable Dreg said...

I finally looked at a few images of Ford shot at the hearing. Wow. The old barfly looks like she's been rode hard and put up wet. Kavanaugh, who is slightly older, looks much younger. She indulges in more than the occasional dram is my guess. The Capitol Police should have given her a drug screen. :-D

The polygraph was obviously a joke. Anyone know whether the protocol is available with the traces? Inquiring minds, etc etc.

And, at risk of being repetitive, she does not have a PhD (or PsyD) in psychology and is not a psychologist. Her EdD dissertation was about the use of teddy bear puppets with children.

Ford's profile in the PAU faculty directory does not list any courses taught, unlike other faculty. Based on that, she appears to be a resident consultant, a person experienced with canned stats packages, a role the near-complete lack of first authorships among her "extensive" publication list supports. A colleague notes that "The statistical questions and problems the students bring aren’t complicated problems for someone like her. Yet she takes the time to help them." A staff consultant, in other words.

Also, assuming CA and DC licensing laws are typical, representing herself as a psychologist in sworn testimony is both fraudulent and illegal. That fact, given her employer, should have been indelibly encoded in her hippocampus.

Follow the money.

Stuart Schneiderman said...

Thank you... important points... especially about her non-existent Ph.D. and her lack of academic seriousness.There's a chasm between her intellectual achievements and those of Kavanaugh.

Dan Patterson said...

So those of us, Irredeemable Dreg and me for example, who find the entire dictum and theater presentation from Ms. Ford insulting are to remain silent? Well, yes, or face the rage of dried husks like Fine-Stine and the cucks she commands -- I'm looking at you Durbin.
Has anyone heard her normal speaking voice, by the way? I am interested in a comparison. Also of interest is when she will be charged with (fraud? misleading a Senate Committee?) but I shan't hold my breath.
We can take heart that she denied herself the use of the modern political verb "seared" a la Jane "Swift Boat" Kerry.

Unknown said...

There is also the discrepancy in timing of the memories about the addition & purpose of the second front door in her home.

She told the Committee that the memories of Brett Kavanaugh “first came up” in counseling in 2012. In May 2012 Ford & her husband argued over her desire to add “a second front door” to their home. Ford told the committee on Thursday it was because Brett Kavanaugh made her “claustrophobic” & she wanted a second escape route.

But the Palo Alto building permits were issued to Ford & her husband FOUR YEARS EARLIER, in 2008 — NOT 2012 & that the permits were for an addition on the house that they rent out ... TO STRANGERS! The property tax records indicate that it has been verified renters that receive mail at that address.

It is obvious that she has committed several offenses in this process, beginning with perjury for at least this if not other lies & her public representation of herself as a psychologist, a crime in California for one who is not licensed.

Like Dan Patterson, I shan't hold my breath either.

Sam L. said...

I have read that she did fly to DC. Also, elsewhere in the states and overseas.

Anonymous said...

VDh's latest. Germane:
Epitaph for a Dying Culture

Anonymous said...

First I am a female, married, and an engineer.

Ford's little girl voice is coached. Who would sit through an hour long class listening to a 3 year old whine like that? Even 'feminists' would be disgusted in short order, if this didn't serve their 'cause'.

The "Betty Boop" act is a ploy used by women to get their way with husbands/boyfriends. Are men unaware of the emotional manipulation and just go 'ahhhh, she's so vulnerable'? Well, yes many do. Their instinct is to protect the weak (well constituted men, anyway).

No woman would pull that stunt on another woman, as we see it for what it is, an act to get their way and avoid any push back. I know about it, and probably used it on my Dad a time or two, but since then, I've grown up. AS a professional woman I would be ashamed to use the 'boop-oop-e-doop' poor-little-me card.

Children do this all the time, and most parents know it for what it is - 'Give me my way or I'm going to cry!'. Why don't they recognize it when an adult regresses to baby-hood?

Why aren't there any YouTube videos of this person? No voice samples AT ALL? They were no doubt, scrubbed before she came forward with her, ahem, hallucination - or outright lie. I wonder if anyone out there has any evidence that her normal voice is quite different. I would certainly hope so.

This whole thing sickens me.

Cheryl said...

I don't really believe Ford's cringe-worthy little girl act. But Kavanaugh's entitled adolescent performance was not all befitting the behavior of a supreme court judge. No restraint or composure in conducting himself in tough situations. Let alone judging someone. He was a petulant child whose candy was being snatched from him. Watch how Clarence Thomas defended himself. The right amount of indignation but with restraint. Trump needs to pick someone else.