Saturday, September 1, 2018

Sex Segregation in Sweden

It shows you the cultural influence of Islam in Sweden. It shows you how Islam is imposing sexual segregation on Sweden. Link here.

Over the past few years, thanks to Swedish immigrant policies, music festivals have turned into happy hunting grounds for predatory Muslim males. Now, a group has found a solution: for this year’s Gothenberg festival, no straight males will be allowed.

Naturally, the imbeciles who came up with this solution declared it as a blow against patriarchy. They consider it to be feminist heaven. They fail to recognize that their own multicultural and feminist policies have led to a situation where men and women cannot enjoy a concert together.

One suspects that it all fits rather neatly in their ideological categories. Muslim men are the products of a patriarchal culture. They abuse women because all men abuse women. The only solution is isolation and segregation. Thus, men and women can never get along with each other and, by extension, can never work together or socialize together. It’s the Muslim way, don’t you know.

The fact that this had not been a problem previously means nothing to these ideologues.

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Sam L. said...

Sweden is not long for this world. Or so it seems. Unless they can recall their inner Vikings.