Saturday, December 29, 2018

The Left's Anti-Semitism Problem

Does the left have an anti-Semitism problem? Duh?

Is it an accident that Antifa radicals bear a close resemblance to the Brown Shirted Storm Troopers led by Ernst Rohm?

After all, people who refuse to denounce notable anti-Semites like Louis Farrakhan and Jeremiah Wright are likely to bear a smidgen of sympathy for Jew haters who foment pogroms.

At least now we know it’s not about politics. It’s about being Jewish. If you are Jewish and liberal and progressive, today’s radical left will do everything in its power to shut you down. And, no one in the mainstream media or the leftist political establishment will utter a peep about it.

Consider the case of Manny Yekutiel, proprietor of a cafe-bookstore in San Francisco. The report is from the Daily Wire:

You can be gay, intern in the Obama White House, work on Barack Obama’s reelection campaign, and serve as the Silicon Valley fundraising director for the Clinton presidential campaign in 2016, but if you also happen to be Jewish and support the existence of Israel, hard leftists want you gone, as 29-year-old Manny Yekutiel found out the hard way when he opened a café/bookstore in San Francisco’s Mission District.

Yekutiel was catalyzed to open his café/bookstore, which also hosts leftist political events, after the 2016 election. He said it took two years to create it, asserting, “Over 1,000 people were involved in the building of this space.” Among the people he has hosted have been incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, San Francisco Mayor London Breed, and activists with Black Lives Matter, according to The Forward. According to Eater, donors gave over $75,000 to the project on Kickstarter. Yekutiel pointed out that the idea of a café with political events was not new, saying, “For centuries there have been certain cafes, bars, and restaurants that have doubled as spaces for civic engagement, social justice, and activism, places to consume, react, and create the news.”

In terms of leftist politics, this guy is oozing with street cred. He has just learned that it doesn’t matter. If he is Jewish, none of it matters. Naturally, those who have launched a pogrom against him say that he is anti-Zionist… the better to massage the sensibility of dimwits like Michelle Goldberg.But anti-Semitism is anti-Semitism. Manny is being harassed for the crime of being Jewish.

Now, the Lucy Parsons Project has joined the pogrom:

But on Wednesday, protesters associated with the Lucy Parsons Project, a self-described “radical black queer direction action group,” joined other groups to yell Yekutiel was a “Zionist gentrifer,” and “Zionists out of the Mission!”

The Forward explains:

The Lucy Parsons Project claims that Yekutiel is furthering gentrification in their neighborhood and criticized him for posting things like “Happy 70th Birthday Israel!” and “I am so proud of Israel and its people” on his personal Facebook page. They also wrote that he is “pinkwashing and blackfacing his gentrification and Zionism” by bringing in minority and LGBT guest speakers.

As I noted, the American left has an anti-Semitism problem. The silence is deafening. As for why this is happening, consider the possibility that certain members of the left are looking for a scapegoat, someone to blame. For what, you might ask. Perhaps they are agitated because their Messiah was not a rousing success. Perhaps the are enraged that their Messiah did not bring them a world of justice and equality. Their god failed them. And they failed. They cannot take responsibility so they go looking for someone to blame. Who better than Jews?

One awaits the reaction from Jewish organizations: they should follow the Forward and call upon Democratic politicians and media influencers to denounce this horror.


sestamibi said...

I don't know who Lucy Parsons is, but I sure wouldn't want to be like her:

Sam L. said...

Can you say "Don't hold your breath", boys and girls? Yes, I KNEW you could.

A question, though: Does anyone expect Jews will wise up and leave the Left? I expect very few would do that.