Thursday, February 7, 2019

Ladies in White

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trigger warning said...

Heh. Tnx, bro.

Mangled quote from another commentator...

"I tuned to the SOTU see a Nazi in action and he was leading a chorus singing 'Happy Birthday' to an old Jew."

Webutante said...

What an incredible photo. Stunning. Sobering.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that the people utilizing much of the name calling are the ones most guilty of it. Virginia and the supposed democrat party are excellent examples of "throwing rocks" at others to cover up their own inadequacies and leanings. The death cult all dressed up in white trying to take on the trappings of religion. Ah, the sacrament of abortion. A little blood here, a few stem cells there. The numbers of the supposed democrats telling others to resign when they know they are guilty of the same things. Cory Booker anyone. #Believe all women" and "F*** that B****. She is lying and wouldn't you know a significant number of supposed democrats now find a place of safety in "due process?"
It is somewhat akin to knowing that the first person who complains of the smell of excess flatus is the one who accomplished it.
Well if they seem to begin to be "hoisted on their own petard" they can drag out another investigation of Trump when they have ample proof to question Mueller's use of FISA courts and the omitting exculpatory evidence in their court filings. If the department of injustice was not so corrupt a few suppose Democrats would be facing trials. Oh, they already are? We may even see Mueller and his cabal of Clinton jackanapes in the docket.
Would it not be nice to have only one system of justice in this country? Until that day when have our ladies in white celebrating infanticide. And I used to wonder as a young man how the Germans could have believed in Hitler and all his machinations? As we move towards socialism????????????

David Foster said...

Arthur Koestler related an interesting story about a Nazi woman. A friend of his was dating this girl, and when they got in bed, at the moment of orgasm she extended her arm in a Nazi salute.

Koestler's friend almost had a heart attack.

She later explained that she and a bunch of her girlfriends had taken an oath to "remember the Fuehrer at the most sacred moment of a woman's life"