Friday, February 8, 2019

The New York Post Does It Again

Some headlines are too good to be missed. For those who are not in New York, the Post has done it again. 


UbuMaccabee said...

How many low-down, dishonest, salacious, unfounded, dirty tricks has WaPo and the Deep State committed against DJT? How many malicious leaks have been carried to the public through WaPo as a delivery vehicle? How does it feel Jeffrey? You had prostitutes urinate in this bed, now lie in it. WaPo is still peddling the fake "Russia stole the election narrative" at every opportunity. You own this. I hope your entire private life gets dumped onto the front page of every tabloid in America, I hope your ex takes the majority of your money, and I hope your new friend screws every player in the NFL behind your back and then falsely charges you with abuse. Welcome to the world you helped create.

Maybe once enough guys like Bezos, who should be using their influence to do the right thing, get badly wronged, this madness will end. or, we will continue to slide toward a Civil War.

trigger warning said...

"Amazon, the company that has made Bezos the planet’s richest human being, is a critical partner for the U.S. Government in building an ever-more invasive, militarized and sprawling surveillance state."
--- Glenn Greenwald (2/8/2019)

Disgruntled? Ask Alexa, Jeffie.

Walt said...

I've wondered if Bezos didn't agree to the "blackmail" terms, not out of righteous principle but because he actually wanted the world to see his junk.

Sam L. said...

Alexa: It's your own personal Stasi agent, and you agreed to pay for it. Sounds dumb to me; or at minimum, severely impaired.