Friday, February 22, 2019

Stop Climate Change Now!


Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

Exactly. Enough of this Kyoto/Paris nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Other signs that Climate Change hyperactivists may not be serious or serious minded people

They reject the option of increasing nuclear power; the only possible amelioration of the effects of limiting fossil fuels

They changed the name of their Science when the computer models on which it was based were proven to be fraudulent -- then claim the science is settled

They demand extreme sacrifices from everyone even as they fly Learjets to their conferences. Obama never once declined to travel 6000 miles to Hawaii for his annual vacation in order to provide an example of leadership

They had no condemnation whatsoever for perps behind the Solyndra scam, even as it destroyed their credility. They have no condemnation of Al Gore, who has made an utter fool of himself and others with his laughable predictions.

Meanwhile they throw 50 people out of work for a 2 AM tweet that inflicted a nanosecond of Micro-butthurt for Valerie Jarrett -- because this is an infinitely more important matter than the fate of the earth itself. Hmmmmmm!

trigger warning said...

"Settled science". I love that concept. I've pointed out in these threads that Ptolemaic astronomy was "settled science" for 1000 years... then Copernicus, Kepler, and Galileo.

But we're modern, right? Soooo smart we are. Albert Michaelson, Nobelist and debunker of the æther "settled science", commented in the early 20th Century that physics was over, all we needed to do was extend the least significant digits... then Einstein, Planck, and Bohr. And if that doesn't float your boat on a sea of magma, the earth's crust was fixed until about 1965, then Heezen et al and plate tectonics.


Sam L. said...

DAMN RIGHT. It's time, well, Past Time, to stop pussyfooting around and blow those "Climate Change" fools away! Using GIANT wind machines! SUPERCHARGED giant wind machines!!

DocVinny said...

Bomb coal plants? They promised me global warming! Was 4 degrees out one night last week! I need me some global warming!