Saturday, February 9, 2019

Rats and Fleas Infest Los Angeles City Hall

Here’s some news to brighten up your day. It comes from Los Angeles, a true blue city in a true blue state. Apparently, Los Angeles is not just a sanctuary city. It does not just harbor and shelter illegal immigrants. It does not merely have a massive homeless crisis. It has also allowed its homeless encampments to be infested with rats and fleas. Unfortunately for Los Angeles, the rats and fleas have not remained within the designated homeless areas.They have move on to City Hall. The rats provide sanctuary for fleas carrying typhus. 

Way to go, LA. The Daily Mail has the story:

Officials at Los Angeles' City Hall are considering ripping out all of the building's carpets up, as a cascade of rats and fleas are said to be running riot in its halls.

A motion was filed by Council President Herb Wesson on Wednesday to enact the much needed makeover amid a typhus outbreak in the downtown area.

Wesson said a city employee had contracted the deadly bacterial disease at work, and now he's urging officials to investigate the 'scope' of the long-running pest problem at the council building.

'Employees shouldn’t have to come to work worried about rodents,' Wesson said to the LA Times.

'I intend to do whatever it is we need.'

After one of his staff members was bitten by a flea late last year, Wesson closed the entirety of his fourth floor office and had all the rugs removed.

But after learning an employee on another floor has suffered the same fate, he's asked officials to examine how much it would cost to re-carpet the whole of the 91-year building.

The demand has come after health officials in the downtown area announced the district is in the midst of a typhus outbreak, with several homeless people who live near City Hall affected.

The disease flourishes in unsanitary conditions and is often spread by flea-infested rats.

Why it took this long to address the issue, no one knows. If the Los Angeles City Council cannot even keep City Hall clean… what hope is there for blue city governance?


Anonymous said...

I have stated before that I am beginning to believe that we need to quarantine California because they are creating the conditions for diseases we had thought were defeated in this country. California and a significant part of the west coast are becoming a breeding ground for dangerous pathogens. Sadly, the northeast coast seems to be following suit.

Sam L. said...

It's L.A. They're casual. They're "laid back" They're also "don't see, don't tell" until "TOO LATE". They're Democrats. Is bummer, yes?

UbuMaccabee said...

The template for Los Angeles is Mexico City. At best Guadalajara. At worst TJ. Rich on top (literally and figuratively) surrounded by razor wire, security guards, drivers, and bribes, and the rest in cinder block shanty-towns with rebar hanging out everywhere and pregnant dogs that all look the same roaming the streets. Plastic grocery bags adorn the dead trees.

trigger warning said...

When I read the title to this post, I thought it meant LA's Progressive elected officials were showing up for work. Obviously that hasn't happened, so it's not as bad as I thought.

Anonymous said...

City Hall has always been home to rats and fleas.