Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Andrew Cuomo Rising

While we are all laughing at the enfeebled Joe Biden and while no one really believes that Bernie Sanders can come from that far behind, the new Democratic candidate being floated is New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

One can surely imagine a scenario were Biden drops out for health reasons and a Democratic convention turns to Cuomo.

Anyway, The Daily Caller says what many of us have been thinking:

An unexpected global pandemic could give New York Governor Andrew Cuomo what he wants most: a Democratic presidential nomination.

Cuomo, who just last year was on everyone’s short list of potential challengers to President Donald Trump, is handling coronavirus with such poise that political analysts from both sides of the aisle tell Daily Caller that it’s improbable but not impossible Cuomo leaves a brokered Democratic National Convention with the party’s 2020 nomination.

And also:

He’s even successfully gone toe to toe with Trump, something most of the president’s allies haven’t figured out how to do. After criticizing the president’s “initial response” to the pandemic, Cuomo held a series of one-on-one conversations with POTUS in addition to the group teleconferences with the nation’s other governors. The result? Nothing short of presidential praise in front of a primetime national audience. He demanded additional ventilators on Tuesday, and FEMA shipped an additional 4,000. (RELATED:Cuomo And Trump Both Say Economic Standstill Is Unsustainable, But Differ On How Quickly To Get Back To Business)

Perhaps most importantly, Cuomo just flat out seems presidential.

Time will tell, but this far-out possibility seems well worth our attention.


UbuMaccabee said...

If we lowered the NY speed limit to 45mph, we could save tens of thousands of lives. Far more lives that would ever be lost by the flu hysteria. Thousands. Yes, I know it will force productivity to a crawl, but if we save even one life, one life, it will have been worth it. 45mph NOW in New York. And think of the government revenue opportunities!

Andrew Cuomo is a media-generated creation. He does not even exist in real life. He's just a pair of funny looking lips making faces in space.

David Foster said...

Cuomo seems obsessed with the idea of putting the military in charge of the coronovisus response.

370H55V said...

He has a lot of corruption in his administration to explain, such as dissolving the Moreland Commission because it was on to something.

He also has to explain some of his statements like New York has no place for conservatives, etc.

I think he would give Trump a run for his money, but if he decides to make the run and the Dems turn to him out of desperation, he shouldn't expect to get off easy.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

Cuomo a New York politician of a New York politician. He’s risen as far as he can. With all the taxes and graft in New York, his relationship with DiBlasio, and his support for last year’s no-fault human sacrifice legislation, I just don’t see him prevailing.

I agree with Ubu that this is a media creation, given Biden’s deficient mental status. And I agree with David that Cuomo — like all Leftists — shows a wonton allure toward totalitarianism.

The Democrat victimhood machine is in full effect these days, isn’t it?

Let me go back to work!

n.n said...

no-fault human sacrifice legislation

Reproductive rites?

Anonymous said...

The idea that the article quoted says "Most importantly -- he seems presidential" shows their lack of seriousness (by "their," I refer to anyone saying this.)