Friday, March 27, 2020

Joe Biden Accused of Sexual Assault

Those who are young and naive, and those who have lived very sheltered lives, have widely proclaimed that Joe Biden’s habit of sneaking up on women, grabbing them by the shoulders and sticking his nose in their hair had nothing to do with sex. They were not bothered at the image of him doing the same thing to a thirteen year old child.

Apparently, they cannot recognize a simulated rape when they see it. For those of a scientific bent, a woman’s hair is saturated with pheromones… i.e. Q.E.D. 

If you understood that Biden’s actions constituted sexual assault you will not be shocked or surprised to hear that Biden, on at least one occasion, sexually assaulted a female senate aide. The woman’s name is Tara Reade. She told her story to Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti on a broadcast called Rising.

Among the salient details of this story are these. The story is being promoted by people from the political left, people like Krystal Ball, Glenn Greenwald and Nathan Robinson. They, like Reade herself, support Bernie Sanders. At the least, Reade is a lifelong Democrat, a Hillary Clinton voter, a great fan of Barack Obama. She is not a member of the vast right wing conspiracy. 

We note that Reade did file a contemporaneous complaint after the sexual assault. The result: she could not get a job in politics. Today, most leftist lawyers will not take her case. Because, you know, they have very high standards when it comes to sexual harassment.

And we will also note, among the horrifying aspects of the assault, Biden’s words to a woman who refused to go along with his sexually predatory ways: “You’re nothing.”

We are anxiously awaiting the feminist launch of a political movement that will definitive call out this powerful man who sexually harassed a female aide. 

Here is the clip from Rising:


Sam L. said...

I'd think the DNC would be suing these women for dissing Uncle Joe! I guess these women
have EVIDENCE and corroboration.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

She must be believed.