Monday, March 2, 2020

Suing a Gender Reassignment Clinic

I have long believed that the current mania about transgenderism would only end when lawyers discover that they can get rich by suing doctors for mutilating children. 

Today, we have a highly disturbing story from Great Britain. A young woman was biochemically mutilated by puberty blocking drugs when she was 16. No one explained the consequences that these drugs would produce. Later she was surgically mutilated by having a double mastectomy.

Now, she wants to go back to being a girl. And yet, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible to do so. So she is suing the clinic that prescribed the treatments. A judge has allowed the case to proceed.

The Daily Mail reports:

A woman who claims she was given 'experimental' puberty-blocking drugs at 16 without being warned of the consequences is set to lead as a witness in a landmark case. 

The Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust, which runs the UK's first gender clinic in London, is being sued over concerns it gave powerful drugs to children as young as 12 without proper consent. 

Keira Bell, 23, started gender reassignment at the clinic when she was a teenager after she felt suicidal and asked to be called by a boy's name at school. 

She was prescribed hormone blockers to halt the development of her female body after just three one-hour appointments. 

But Ms Bell has now stopped transitioning and argues staff did not challenge her want to become a teenage boy.  

Ms Bell is now waiting to see if she has fertility issues following the drugs and claims she should not have been rushed into treatment because children cannot given adequate consent.

The judge in the landmark case, Mr Justice Supperstone, told The Sunday Times it was 'plainly arguable' the clinic was acting unlawfully and has given permission for the high-profile trial in the divisional by July. 

The issue is consent. She was a child. She could certainly not consent to have sex with an adult male. Why do we assume that she could consent to have life altering treatments?

Ms Bell hopes the case will bring attention to the fact children are given treatment without being properly informed of the lifelong consequences.

'I am constantly taken for a boy,' she previously said in an interview with the Daily Mail. 'I get called "Sir" when I speak to officials. I worry what women think when they see me using their loos or changing rooms. 

'I am living in a world where I do not fit in as a male or as a female. I am stuck between the two sexes.' 

Put on what she calls a 'roller coaster' journey, she was given the male hormone testosterone to change her appearance after going to the clinic at 16. Three years ago, she had her breasts removed, in an operation paid for by the NHS.

Despite that dramatic step, Ms Bell has now changed her mind about her gender and is trying to reverse the process. 

She describes the effect of puberty blocking drugs:

At the Tavistock clinic, Ms Bell said there was 'no resistance' to her want to be a boy, even though she was little more than a child and had only just started having periods. 

'The Tavistock gave me hormone blockers to stop my female development. It was like turning off a tap,' she said.

'I had symptoms similar to the menopause when a woman's hormones drop. I had hot flushes, I found it difficult to sleep, my sex drive disappeared. I was given calcium tablets because my bones weakened.'  

Ms Bell claims she was not warned by the Tavistock therapists of the dreadful symptoms ahead. 'My female hormones had been flushing through my body and, suddenly, a curtain came down on them. It felt pretty bad,' she recalls. 

It is an extremely sad case. It is frankly horrifying. But, it is becoming increasingly commonplace. Our culture does not merely allow children to be mutilated, but it has tried to silence any voices that would dare dispute their conclusions. And it wants to persecute anyone who uses the wrong pronouns.

We can only hope that the lawsuit will proceed and will shut down the clinics that are in the business of mutilating children. In this case, we are cheering on the lawyers.


Dan Patterson said...

The point of protecting children until they reach maturity and can make their own decisions based on evidence and perceived risks, is lost on the cult of "deviation for deviations' sake" I guess.
That this poor girl was not protected by those meant to protect her.

JPL17 said...

This is the case I've been predicting and waiting for for several years. I hope it's soon followed by a similar lawsuit in the U.S., because once that happens, the floodgates will open, as the American trial bar senses its latest new mass tort.

Which is ironic, because I generally detest mass tort litigation. In this case, however, I feel it couldn't happen to a more deserving group of hustlers -- the psycho-medical trans cult.

trigger warning said...

As much as I disdain and dislike the tort bar, the psycho medicos seem a perfect target for the reptilian denizens of Gulfstream Gulch.

Sam L. said...

WHERE WERE HER PARENTS????? Likely, prevented from having any say.

Anonymous said...

And these are the same lawyers who would have been suing the Tavistock clinic for infringing the Equality Act and acting as transphobic agents if they had refused to carry out the young persons wishes. Heads they win, tails we lose... Anonymous Englishman.