Saturday, March 14, 2020

It's the Red Tape, Stupid!

You can find the details in a well-reported article from The New York Times, but the conclusion, also reported by other sources, tells us that we are lacking tests for coronavirus because government bureaucrats acted incompetently. 

It’s the red tape-- that is-- the regulations, stupid!

The Times concluded:

The Seattle Flu Study illustrates how existing regulations and red tape—sometimes designed to protect privacy and health—have impeded the rapid rollout of testing nationally, while other countries ramped up much earlier and faster. Faced with a public health emergency on a scale potentially not seen in a century, the United States has not responded nimbly.


trigger warning said...

Sadly, the Seattle Outbreak occurred before a State of Emergency was invoked, and vast hordes of nonessential government personnel were still reporting for duty.

Anonymous said...

If only Castro was in charge—just like with HIV—round ‘em up and put them into camps.for their own safety, of course.