Sunday, November 8, 2020

Disuniting America

By all appearances Joe Biden has now won the presidential election. As one might have expected, his first foray into presumptively presidential speechifying included a call for national unity. 

Coming from the leader of a party that has spent four years doing everything in its power to undermine national unity, it was rich indeed.

When Biden asked Trump supporters to give him a chance, Hoover Institution fellow Paul Sperry responded:

Like you gave Trump a chance in 2016-17 when you spied on his campaign, smeared him as a Russian agent, requested NSA intercept unmaskings on his appointees &proposed prosecuting his nat'l security adviser under the Logan Act?

As you know, the Democratic playbook had it that everything bad that Democrats did was the fault of Donald Trump. It was certainly audacious, but it was wildly dishonest.

But, the Democratic Party and its media enablers spend four years trying to discredit and cripple the Trump administration. And then it declared that the administration was dysfunctional.

If the Obama administration gave Crimea to Russia, it meant that Trump was a Russian stooge. If the Obama administration refused to sell anti-tank missiles to the Ukraine-- because Putin did not want them to-- when Trump held up sales of said missiles for two whole months it was impeachable. If Joe Biden went on television to proclaim how deftly he had handled a quid pro quo with the Ukrainian government, Trump had to be impeached for a supposed quid pro quo with the Ukraine. If the Obama administration canceled an order of defensive missiles to Poland and the Czech Republic, at the bidding of Vladimir Putin, the fault lay with Trump. If Obama had allowed the ISIS caliphate to fester in Iraq and Syria, and had done nothing to stop the war in Syria, it could only mean that Trump was the devil.

Few of Biden’s statements yesterday was quite as disingenuous as this one:

Let this era of demonization in America end NOW.

In one sense this contains a kernel of truth. Since the Democratic effort to demonize Donald Trump was the hallmark of the era of demonization, defeating Trump completes their work. 

The second candidate for being utterly disingenuous was this statement, from Biden:

Let’s not treat opponents as enemies. They are not enemies. They are Americans. This is the time to heal in America.

A noble sentiment, indeed. And yet, this is not the way Democrats acted during the Trump administration. They treated Republicans as enemies. Think of the way they treated Brett Kavanaugh. In truth, Republicans, for their many flaws, never tried to destroy a Democratic Supreme Court nominee.

We have criticized Donald Trump. His imperfections, especially, his inability to keep quiet for more than an hour or so, undermined his candidacy and his presidency. Making himself the lead on the coronavirus was clearly a mistake. He should not have stood before a podium talking about things he did not understand. He acted like a salesman who did not know when to stop selling.

And yet, Trump was subjected to constant abuse, harassment and bullying, from the Democratic Party and from the media. The latter, having become the propaganda arm of the Democratic had taken to misreporting the news, to couch news stories in a way to make Trump look bad. Obviously, presidents cannot sue for libel, slander and defamation of character, but if they could, Trump would have more than a few good cases. The moral failings of the American media will not soon be forgotten.

One thing is certain, the American media had tired of the constant negativity. So electing Biden means that they can go back to covering up his indecency, to covering up his dementia, to covering up his family’s corruption, to covering up Hunter's porn career, to seeing everything through rose colored glasses. Just like the good old days when it did nothing but lie for Obama.

Keep in mind, the war that Democrats have waged against America for many years now involves thought crimes, aka bigotry. Nothing is quite as divisive as a war against what you might and might not be thinking. Of course, if you are white and male, the current version of the war on bigotry declares you a bigot… regardless. Do you think that the war against white supremacy is now going to vanish in the mist.

The war on bigotry became perfectly manifest during the Obama administration. Then, you might remember, when terrorists attacked America-- at Ft. Hood, at San Bernardino, at Orlando, at the Boston Marathon, the pusillanimous Obama, terrified of the wrath of Allah, refused to denounce Islamist terrorism. He saved his ammunition for Islamophobia, i.e., for bigotry. That was his true enemy. Yet, declaring war on the minds of Americans, especially white male Americans, is not the royal road to unity. It must fundamentally disunite the country.

When Islamist terrorists murdered people in a Kosher supermarket in Paris, Obama refused to say that their actions had anything to do with anti-Semitism. Today's Democratic Party has become infested with anti-Semitism-- another part of the Obama legacy. It's yet another side of the constant effort to demonize certain peoples.

The prime mover behind the war against white supremacy was Barack Obama. Among Trump's sins, he was demonized for being a white male. Among his other sins, half his family was Jewish. And we can’t have that.

Let’s not forget this year’s insurrection in major American cities was not mounted by the armies of the right. It was mounted by the armies of the left, by Black Lives Matter and by Antifa. The sad part is that the media has succeeded in laying the blame on Donald Trump-- because the only thing they know how to do is to demonize.

Nevertheless, Trump did better in minority communities than any Republican had in ages. So, minority voters often saw through the charade. If they are pinning their hopes on a Biden presidency, just as they pinned hopes on an Obama presidency, they will certainly be disappointed.

Besides, Joe Biden does nothing more these days than go through the motions. Consider the following piece of nonsense, uttered yesterday:

Give everyone in this country a fair shot, that's all anyone is asking for... a fair shot.

Of course, this is the Republican position. It is decidedly not the position of the anti-racism crowd, and the diversity mongers in our midst. These latter, the people who are in charge of the creepy old buffoon called Joe Biden, do not believe in a fair chance. They believe in proportional outcomes. They believe that white people must be guilt-tripped into submission, into supporting policies that dispense with all considerations of merit and count only issues of race.

After all, our new regent, Kamala Harris, is more diverse, in her person, than even Barack Obama. Quite an achievement. that. But then, do you really imagine that she earned her position because of her splendid achievements. Unlikely, that. 

Among the causes of America's disunity is the contagion called identity politics. Do you really believe that it is going to disappear now that it is running the country?


whitney said...

You sound like the rest of the media. It's going to court. It's not decided until then and yeah Trump will probably still lose but it's not decided and it's dishonest say otherwise

Sam L. said...

I can't say that I'll never trust Dems again, because I can't remember a time when I ever did.

21st Century Boy said...

The first woman VP in our nation's history is elected and the first thing that comes to your mind is that she doesn't deserve the position because she's black -- because she is therefore merely a product of affirmative action. Shame on you! Votes counted in elections are not inflated to meet diversity standards. The people of the country elected her, fair and square.

How about some decorum, Stuart.

whitney said...

She exchanged sex for wealth and power. That's prostitution. So you want someone with dementia and a prostitute in the two highest offices in the land. Got it.

Webutante said...

Good post Stuart. After a few more honeymoon champagne and pot parties, the reality of the great divide will set in for liberals. I have never known what I believe in and stand for more than after these last four years with Trump as president. And I'm grateful. This conservative movement will carry on and I am a part of that.

Stuart Schneiderman said...

Evidently, 21th Century Boy thinks like a child. Everyone has been talking about her race and nothing but her race. I saw no reason for depriving myself. In fact, she was so competent that she was never allowed to do a single press conference.

trigger warning said...

An anonymous Biden/Harris senior transition team source claims that the Lunchbox Joe, in solidarity with reg'lar citizens, has personally ordered the Secret Service to bulk up all SS protection teams with social workers and to shoot aggressive potential assassins in the leg.

Also, The Beast will be sidelined in favor of a solar-powered Tesla Stretch fitted out with hemp upholstery.

Anonymous said...

The woke will demand everyone to show their papers. Re-education camps will be next. Tech giants will move to Red states to take over from the deplorable locals.

Anonymous said...

The fact that the Democrats have announced their retribution lists says all that needs to be said.

21st Century Boy said...

Whitney, what do you mean by "she exchanged sex for wealth and power"?

trigger warning said...

I hope, for your sake, that's a rhetorical question.


21st Century Boy said...

Stuart, if you find diversity initiatives gone haywire -- read wokeness / critical race theory -- to be ugly affairs, as I do, then you must understand that when you dissent on racial grounds you're being just as cheap. Using my handle to bully me (boy --> child) with a cheap turn of phrase like that is also hard to swallow. I understand it's tempting to write this way because all these loonies to the left and right of you enjoy consuming garbage more than anything else, but I happen to think you're more intelligent than that. I expected better.

Suzannemarie said...

Looking forward to a future filled with series of Biden / Harris impeachments. Can't think of a reason why they might be magically exempted from this privilege.

Anonymous said...

Kamala Harris had an affair with Willie Brown. Not a secret.

21st Century Boy said...

Thank you, Anonymous. I don't see the issue with Harris having a relationship with Brown. I see it's a little murky, he was technically married, but Mr. and Mrs. Brown had been estranged for a decade prior. Whitney calls that prostitution. Weird.

autothreads said...

It's sad to see that there are so many people who are more embarrassed by Trump being their president than by their side cheating to defeat him.

Kamala Harris may not have gotten paid for sex but she undoubtedly traded sex for political power, according to none other than Willie Brown, her partner in that trade. Not exactly a prostitute but not exactly a role model for our daughter either.

A senile head of state with an incipient fascist waiting in the wings in an atmospher of political street violence. Haven't we seen this movie before?

Ares Olympus said...

You are accusing Kamala Harris of buying her way to the VP by sexual favors? I guess I've not been up on Right-wing gossip. I see. It is no wonder women have run away from the Republican party in droves. Trump's bad nature didn't rise from the void.

I judged Biden picked Harris because she showed she was willing to publicly criticize him, and so he shows, unlike Trump, he prefers people around him to challenge him rather than just echo what they think he wants.

I think Biden is serious that he wants to unify America, but it takes two to want that, and a 6-3 SC justice advantage are not enough to placate Republican delicious wrath. A president is required to deliver results while an opposition Senate has an incentive to give absolutely nothing, so we all understand McConnell's only goal is a 2022 US House majority power, especially easy if the Democrats keep burning down their own cities. With allies like that, who needs enemies?

21st Century Boy said...

Ares Olympus, if there weren't 125,000 new cases of COVID today I'd like to shake your hand. Fist bump!

Christopher B said...

Yup, wonen are running away from Republicans in droves...

(CNN) House Republicans are defying expectations this week by gaining seats -- in large part due to the success of female candidates.

At least 13 non-incumbent Republican women have won their contests so far, according to CNN projections. That breaks the record from 2010 of 9 non-incumbent GOP women winning House races, according to data from the Center for American Women and Politics.