Tuesday, November 10, 2020

From Throwing a Tantrum to Calling for Unity

This story comes to us from the Babylon Bee. I emphasize that it is a satirical site, because, if you read its story, you will be tempted to believe that it is reporting the truth.

Actually, in psycho terms, the story bears so clearly on our current reality that it might as well be truthful. It points out the obvious fact that the people who have been throwing tantrums and stoking partisan division in America have all of a sudden become champions of national unity. The same crowd is also propose national reconciliation, but not before tormenting and harassing anyone who supported the opposition.

Didn't Robert Reich, formerly of the Clinton administration, currently holding a chair at Berkeley, call for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission-- an inquisition based on what happened in post-apartheid South Africa?

This means that Reich, who has apparently does not know which country he is living in, believes that Trumpian America was an apartheid state. It is a strange notion, one that does however correlate with the view of Georgia Democratic senate candidate Raphael Warnock, who declared Israel to be an apartheid state. For the record Warnock is a protege of Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

In any event, the Bee is offering a glimpse into the infantile mind. There, people who insist on getting their way, who refuse to compromise, are most likely to extol the value of compromise once they have gotten what they want. It would be funny if it were not true.

Here, from the Babylon Bee (via Maggie’s Farm):

A groundbreaking new study has found a strong correlation between getting your way and calling for unity with the other side. Researchers found that when people get everything they want politically, they are three times more likely to call for unity and reconciliation with the losers they just humiliated.

"It was an extensive study of thousands of 3-year-olds and other liberals that led to us discovering this connection," said Dr. Stan Lintel of MIT who headed the study. "We would observe a pair of children fighting over a toy. We would then step in and take the toy away from one child and give it to the other. The child we gave the toy to would immediately calm down and call for unity with the other child, even after punching them in the face several times. We found this tendency remained consistent all the way into adulthood."

Researchers who released the findings pointed out that this strange human behavior could be manifesting itself during this year's election after Democrats immediately calmed down and called for unity after an intense 4-year temper tantrum.


Sam L. said...

The BEE's sting is sharrrrrrrrrrrrrp and always on target... Lefties can't cope. I am ssooooooooooooooo not bummed for them.

Ares Olympus said...

Absolutely. The main difference is Trump never bothered caring about anyone except his base for 6 of 4 years (adding 2 years of McConnell blocking Obama judges). It is reasonable to ask if Democrats care whether Republican voters issues are given voice in the next 4 years, but it doesn't matter - they will be, if you assume a Republican Senate Majority cares about Republican base issues. Biden and Pelosi have little power if McConnell ignores them.

The biggest fear in this election wasn't Trump losing, but Trump bringing down the entire Republican party, and having 2 years of one-party rule, but that didn't happen, so that's why most Republican leaders, like Chris Christy among many, are telling Trump to be happy with saving the Senate, getting 72+ million votes and otherwise accepting defeat and prepare for transition.

trigger warning said...

I think there are *at least* 4.5 more years of lawsuits, subpoenas, whistleblowers, and leaks from anonymous, highly-placed Democratic operatives in this ridiculous electoral travesty.

By the way, if you're interested in watching a dolt from 7th Floor of the FBI building get taken back to law school, this vid is a delight. My wife, an attorney, belly laughed while we watched it last night:


If it weren't for left-wing 501(c)(3) safety nets, McCabe would be representing slip-and-fall cases out of a dusty corner suite in an abandoned strip mall.