Friday, November 6, 2020

How to Solve the Election, Definitively

Finally, a way to resolve the election chaos, without having to rely on courts and lawyers. 

From Roger Kimball's Twitter:

A modest proposal: Instead of months of expensive and acrimonious lawsuits, how about single combat between POTUS and Joe Biden? Romulus fought Acro for the spoilia opima. DJT & Joe can fight for the presidency. Bets on the winner?


Ares Olympus said...

I see the tweet here along with Kimball's article yesterday supporting Trump's will to keep fighting with the lawyers and courts:

But given Trump can't walk 30 feet without needing to sit down in his golf cart, I know what strategy can wear him down, even if in his heart, he feels like he's Rocky X.

Myself, I can better picture Biden as Rocky running through the streets of Philadelphia, so how about a 5k race for the presidency? And no, Kamala, you can't race until 2024. Rocky Training - Les Rocky Steps

Sam L. said...

Why, oh WHY, is there THAT MUCH blank space?? I have 9" down to ".43m", and 8" more to
"A modest proposal..."