Friday, November 13, 2020

Will Biden Save the Mullahs?

What would Biden-Harris Middle East policy look like? Would it build on the Trump administration successes? If it did would it have to admit that the Trump administration had had some successes? Could it make such an admission without losing the loyalty of the Democratic Party’s growing anti-Semitism wing? 

Now that Saudi Arabia seems poised to recognize Israel, will the Obama-Harris administration derail it.

Philip Carl Salzman outlines in detail the Trump administration successes in the Middle East. (via Maggie's Farm) I have often discussed them, so I will only refer you to his excellent rendering of the events.

But then, Salzman turns to the views of one Kamala Harris, a radical in her own right who wholeheartedly supports the Palestinian cause. Now that the Palestinians have lost most of their allies, relying only on the terrorist regime in Iran, Harris wants to throw them a lifeline.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris intend to return to Obama administration policies, putting the Palestinians first. As Harris has said, “We will take immediate steps to restore economic and humanitarian assistance to the Palestinian people, address the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza, reopen the U.S. consulate in East Jerusalem and work to reopen the PLO mission in Washington.”

But, what does humanitarian assistance really mean? Does it mean paying terrorists for attacking Jews? You are not dumb enough to believe a Harris says. Salzman explains:

This would mean that U.S. taxpayer dollars are going to the Palestinians’ slay or pay program, contributing directly to the murder of Israel civilians: men, women, children, and rabbis. The “humanitarian crisis” in Gaza, leaving aside the many tons of necessities sent by Israel every day to Gaza, is the result of the terrorist entity Hamas’ commitment, according to their own 1988 proclamation, “The Covenant of the Islamic Resistance Movement,” to destroy Israel and to murder Jews: “Israel, Judaism and Jews challenge Islam and the Moslem people. ‘May the cowards never sleep.’” As Hamas delicately puts it, “The Zionist Nazi activities against our people will not last for long.” 

The ideologically driven narrative that has taken over the minds of the American left sees the oppressed people of the world engaged in a struggle against capitalist patriarchal oppression. Being the center of the religion of the patriarchs, Israel is obviously their enemy. Besides, Palestinians are people of color. Jews are white people. What more do you need to know?

Salzman continues:

These socialists and communists frame the Arab-Israel dispute as Jewish colonialist invaders and settlers oppressing and displacing indigenous Palestinians. Inspired by identity politics, these leftists  characterize Palestinians as “people of color,” and as intersectional allies of black and brown people, despite the fact Arabs are classified as white by the U.S. government, and the fact that Arabs despise Africans, calling them “abid,” the Arabic word for “slave.” 

The history of the Holy Land is ignored, for the Marxist framework does not fit the historical facts. For example, when the Romans invaded ancient Israel—it was the Romans who named it “Palestine”—all of Israel, “from the river to the sea,” was inhabited by Jews, and Islam, which was not invented until six centuries later, and Muslims, were unknown.

So, Harris has no sympathy for the Jewish state. Apparently, this does not bother her Jewish husband. And she wants to do whatever she can to hurt Israel, so that the Palestinians will not feel so bad about their decades-long failure. While Israel was building a first world economy and becoming a leader in technology, the Palestinians were obsessing about how best to kill Jews-- and to destroy what the Jews had built.

Harris also asserts that “We will also oppose annexation and settlement expansion,” by which she means Israeli presence beyond the 1949 green armistice line into the heartland of ancient Israel: Judea and Samaria. 

She even opposes the building of new houses within communities to accommodate population increase. We can fully expect the Biden-Harris administration to demand that Israel withdraw to suicidal boundaries and that Palestine be given independent state status with an independent military.  

And, of course, now that Iran is disintegrating, the Biden-Harris seems poised to re-join the Iran peace deal. The Obama administration saved the mullahs once. Why would they not want to do it again?

The Biden-Harris Administration will rejoin the JCPOA, remove the sanctions from the Islamic Republic of Iran, and perhaps repeat the Obama-Biden policy of sending pallets of cash to the mullahs so that they will have more money to pass on to Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iranian Revolutionary Guard legions in Syria. The Islamic Republic will be better able to ramp up its military, rocket, and nuclear capacity development, and to pursue its aim of destroying Israel.

If all this comes to pass, the American Jews who voted for Biden and Harris will have to reckon with their own shame. If they had been paying attention, they would have seen that this is what Harris herself was promising?


trigger warning said...

Pasty Man Confused will try. Moolah Abdullah Rockinrollah is negotiating the number of pallets with the transitory team as we speak.

My question is, when will BLOTUS (Hillary) be asked to join the Administration?

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of course. Valjar and Barry need more cash

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Once again, if Hitler were non-white . . .