Thursday, July 14, 2022

Biden's Economic Team-- Diverse and Incompetent

By now everyone knows what we have been claiming for years now. Joe Biden is cerebrally damaged, a walking embarrassment, to himself and to the nation. His vice president, chosen for reasons that have nothing to do with competence, has turned out to be a befuddled buffoon. In truth, if she had shown even the most minimal level of competence, the Biden presidency would be over by now.

Anyway, Miranda Devine reports in the New York Post this morning that the Biden administration economic team is chock full of people who have no experience in business. It’s a veritable ship of fools, chosen to meet diversity quotas, but having no real qualifications for their jobs. Quoting Stephen Moore and Jon Decker, Devine explains that this group does not have a clue about how to bring down inflation or to manage the economic crisis.

She might have mentioned that several of the new governors elected to the Federal Reserve seem not to have been chosen for their surpassing qualifications.

So, the ship of state is captainless and crewless and rudderless. I have written of this before and, since even David Axelrod echoes my views, I will not belabor them.

Devine points out that the Biden economic team manifests diversity and equity, but does not manifest anything resembling competence. Then again, you can’t have everything, can you?

With inflation hitting a spine-chilling record 9.1%, there is fat chance of his know-nothing administration having the competence and know-how to pull us out of this doom spiral.

It’s no accident, either, since Biden deliberately has appointed people who tick the right “diversity” boxes, in terms of their physical appearance, with no concern about whether they are qualified to oversee a $6 trillion federal government.

A staggering new report from the Committee to Unleash Prosperity shows that most of Biden’s top officials have zero experience in ­business.

Economists Stephen Moore and Jon Decker analyzed the work records and résumés of 68 officials with carriage of the economy and found almost two-thirds have zero business experience, including Biden himself. Just one in eight has what you could call “extensive” experience in business.

Their report, “Not Ready for Prime Time Players,” found that the average business experience of Biden appointees is only 2.4 years and the median years of business experience is a big fat zero.

Where did Biden find these clowns? 

Most of Biden’s economic team are lawyers, community organizers, lobbyists, or government employees.

If we wanted to be charitable, we might say that Biden administration officials have been spinning the bad news, to shift the blame and to pretend that things are not really very bad.

Moore and Decker tend to take them at their word:

Barely anybody in his administration understands the economy.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has zero business experience, having spent her life in academia and government. That might explain why she was in denial about inflation for so long, refused to admit the $1.9 trillion stimulus poured fuel on the fire and had advocated more spending and higher taxes in the form of Biden’s $5 trillion “Build Back Better” plan which, luckily, failed to pass Congress or we’d be in an even worse pickle….

“The cascade of policy and management mistakes that are piling up in the Biden government are at least in part a consequence of lack of basic skills and competency,” write Moore and Decker.

It isn’t much better at the Council of Economic Advisers:

You might think an outfit called The Council of Economic Advisers would have people with business experience, but no. Chair Cecilia Rouse and council members Megan Apper and Heather Boushey only have backgrounds in government, nonprofits and academia.

Cabinet members are certainly not qualified for their jobs:

Xavier Becerra, secretary of Health and Human Services, and Alejandro Mayorkas, secretary of Homeland Security, have zero business experience.

The same goes for John Kerry, Ambassador for Climate Change, who is hellbent on “decarbonizing” the economy, but doesn’t seem to understand the consequences.

Shalanda Young, Office of Management and Budget director, has no business experience. Her background is as a congressional staffer.

The same goes for Katherine Tai, US Trade Representative, and Charles Anderson, director of economic policy, COVID-19 Relief Team.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm is listed in the report with two years’ business experience but “has had a hard time with reporters even citing very basic energy statistics [raising doubts over her] familiarity with the critical national energy issues she is overseeing.”

Asked last November what her plan was to increase oil production, Granholm laughed uproariously. “Oh, my God! That is hilarious,” she said.

Do you feel better knowing that this is an eminently diverse group of incompetents:

Pete Buttigieg, secretary of Transportation and former small-town mayor, has four years in business under his belt, but no expertise in transport or logistics to inform his oversight of a $1 trillion industry and complex supply chain problems.

What about Nadiya Beckwith-Stanley of the National Economic Council? No.

Say what you will about the Trump administration, but its leaders had vast business experience; they had a better and more sober assessment of the economy. Somehow, Devine forgets to mention Gary Cohn, formerly of Goldman Sachs, who also possessed many years of business experience:

Donald Trump had 45 years in business, his Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross 42 years, Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette 14 years, Small Business Administration administrator Jovita Carranza 18 years, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin 25 years, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo 14 years, Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue 27 years, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos 23 years.

The result was a vibrant economy that lifted all boats. Sadly, the economic sunshine of the Trump years is a faded memory now that the wokesters are in charge.

So, the captain is demented, and the crew is unqualified to take charge. We are in deep shit, people.


Anonymous said...

Spending your career fleecing Muppets at Goldman Sachs is not what I would call actual business experience.

Anonymous said...

It all makes more sense once you understand that what is happening is what they intended. Their goal is to crash America. The is the WEF agenda.

David Foster said...

It's not only the lack of *business* experience, it's the lack of experience of running anything at all. (The executive branch is supposed to be the *executive* branch, after all) I'd be a lot happier with people who had experience running, say, the Atlanta Tower for the FAA or serving as commander of a destroyer...even though those are not businesses...than with the current crew.

John Fisher said...

There is no diversity of thought. They all worship at the altar of Marxist 'economics'.

IamDevo said...

I hope everyone has been sufficiently disabused of the notion that our "leaders" rose to their positions of prominence due to things like, "merit," "excellence", "performance" or any other similar qualifying adjective. The only question remaining to be answered is, "Who arranged their rise to power?"