Sunday, July 31, 2022

The Baby Formula Shortage Continues

Right now this feels like something of a footnote, but given the news blackout about the story, it is surely worth a post. 

The issue is the now-chronic shortages of baby formula, a vital life-and-death issue for many American infants. Clearly, the Biden administration has completely botched the problem, which is perhaps one of the reasons why senile Joe Biden’s approval ratings are lower than any other American president.

New slogan: Joe Biden-- the Worst Ever.

Or else-- Just When You Thought It Couldn’t Get Any Worse-- Joe Biden.

Anyway, we emphasize, yet again, that the mainstream media and the feminist matriarchy has had nothing to say about the baby formula issue. This tells us that they are all incapable of spinning it against Republicans. It also tells us that the media and feminism has been completely corrupted. If you thought that any of them cared about women, think again.

The Daily Mail, intrepid as always, has the story (via Maggie’s Farm):

The nationwide baby formula shortage has worsened with 70 percent of all brands reported out-of-stock, despite President Joe Biden's efforts to make infant milk more accessible.

Families in Rhode Island and Vermont have been hardest hit by the shortage with out-of-stock rates at 79 percent and 78 percent, respectively.

Biden and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have made it easier for foreign manufacturers to get shipments into the country, and appealed to companies such as Nestle and Reckitt to step up production.

Why are New England states hit the hardest? Aren’t they among the most reliable blue states in the nation?

The Biden administration is flying in formula from around the world. Unfortunately, it is not nearly enough:

Biden's solution to the ongoing shortage has been to fly in foreign formula to try to plug the gap, but the 802,446 bottles that arrive per shipment barely line the stomachs of the 3 million babies born every year. 

Danone, who has agreed to supply 1.3 million cans of Aptamil to the U.S., shipped out more than 750,000 this week. The initial shipments are already on shelves and online at Walgreens, Safeway and some other retailers.

Those who are interested can go to the Daily Mail story, which explains what is going on at Abbott Labs, whose shutdown contributed mightily to the problem, and which reports on some of the lawsuits that are beginning to address the problem.

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