Friday, July 29, 2022

Mutilating Children

From time to time we hear that autocrats around the world are afraid of freedom. They fear the will of the people and insist on maintaining all powers in their hands. Surely, they are afraid of a free press where people of one political persuasion are often silenced and where the media parrots the Democratic Party line. They must be afraid of a university system that regularly indoctrinates students in a useless ideology.

By dumbing down the best we imagine that we are improving the self-esteem of the worst. And nations around the world refuse to emulate our example because they reject the notion that a boy can become a girl by changing his mind.

Transgenderism is in the news these days. As you know, the Biden administration, including the Pentagon, is totally in favor of mutilating children and even adults who ask for it.

Considering that a child cannot consent to perform a sex act with an adult, the notion that we should take the child’s word about whether he or she wants to transition is madness run amok. And, of course, we are so free that that civil authorities are allowed to remove a child from her home if his parents refuse to accept that she is a he. 

On the latter score, read this and weep. Kelsey Bolar explained what happened to Jeannette Cooper:

Jeannette Cooper never imagined she’d lose custody of her child. The 44-year-old lifelong educator always considered herself a loving and responsible mother to her daughter Sophia. But when, at age 12, Sophia suddenly claimed to be transgender, Jeannette was skeptical. Sophia had never exhibited signs of gender dysphoria. In fact, Sophia exhibited many more traditionally feminine behaviors and preferences than Jeannette ever had. To Jeannette, it didn’t make sense. 

But Sophia insisted, not only that she was trans, but that she was ‘unsafe’ around Jeannette. What followed was an almost Kafkaesque series of court proceedings and therapy sessions in which Jeannette’s ex-husband, lawyers, therapists and other individuals and institutions supposedly concerned with Sophia’s best interests worked to erode Jeannette’s most basic parenting rights. Nearly three years later, Jeannette can’t even visit with the daughter she loves. She lives less than ten minutes away, but can only communicate with Sophia by U.S. Mail. All because she insists that Sophia is a girl.

Note well, it is not merely about whether or not Sophia can transition-- under no circumstances should this be allowed. More importantly, it is about forcing everyone else to live the lie. Transgender activists want you to do what they tell you to do. They want to control your minds. They will tell you what you can and cannot think. To limit discussion to the impact of these treatment on vulnerable, brainwashed children is to tell only part of the story. Insisting that you must accept the lie is another important aspect of the problem.

And of course, the rationale is simple. The transgendered have a much higher suicide rate. Activists refuse to blame the physicians and the counselors and the bureaucrats who are facilitating transitions. They are happy to blame those who refuse to be lied to, who refuse to accept the transgendered as they want to be accepted. Link here.

In the meantime a controversial gender clinic in Great Britain, at the Tavistock Clinic has been shut down. If you read the story in The Daily Mail (via Maggie’s Farm) or PJ Media you will discover that the reason lay in the fact that authorities decided that the clinic was unsafe and that they needed to do more research into puberty blocking hormones. And they had discovered that autistic children were especially susceptible to the grooming that we are not longer allowed to call grooming.

In addition, the clinic had been inundated with demands for service, given that the new efforts to groom children into becoming transgendered had produced something like a 4400% increase in the number of cases in Great Britain. Some people, like Lisa Littman and Abigail Shrier, have sounded the alarm about this, labeling it a social contagion, but the mainstream media has still gone all-in on child mutilation.

Of course, the propaganda media, represented by the New York Times, reports that they are shutting down the Tavistock because they want to provide better, more holistic care in smaller settings.

The Times also assures us that puberty blocking treatments are perfectly safe and totally reversible. Of course, a girl who takes puberty blockers and who goes into menopause at age 13 is not going to be able to reverse the damage. That is why Abigail Shrier called her book, Irreversible Damage

In the meantime our very own Food and Drug Administration has just come out with warnings about puberty blockers. Read this story from The Daily Signal:

Puberty blockers earned a warning label from the Food and Drug Administration earlier this month after six minors (ages 5-12) experienced severe symptoms. The puberty blockers in question are known scientifically as “gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) substances.”

The minors, who were all biologically female, suffered from symptoms of “pseudotumor cerebri” (tumor-like masses in the brain), including visual disturbances (seeing bright lights that aren’t there), headache or vomiting, papilledema (swelling of the optic nerve), increased blood pressure, and abducens neuropathy (eye paralysis).

Jennifer Bauwens, of the Family Research Council added this:

“We already have studies showing the negative effects of both puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones,” but “any time we see more evidence and more publicity on the damage that these drugs do to kids, it’s helpful.” She added, “Good science is on our side. Truth is on our side. Those things always prevail when given the opportunity.”

In truth, we have reported on this very blog that cross sex hormones, the kind that transitioners are obliged to take for a lifetime, are poison. And dare we mention that what is dishonestly called gender affirming care cannot create a penis out of a vagina or a vagina out of a penis. The presumption that it can is terrifying.

Considering the extent of the gaslighting that is required to pass this off as medical science, and you might understand why America is not setting a standard that very many countries around the world are tempted to emulate.


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