Monday, October 31, 2022

An Extraordinary Medical Atrocity

Hopefully, his is not just one voice crying out in the medical wilderness. At a time when the medical profession has institutionally embraced the dogma of transgenderism, medical school professor and ethicist Michael Egnor is labeling it for what it is, “an extraordinary medical atrocity.”

The story comes to us from The Federalist, via The College Fix and Maggie’s Farm:

A medical school professor and surgeon with more than 30 years of experience described transgender surgeries and hormone treatments as violations of medical ethics comparable to eugenics in a recent podcast interview with The Federalist.

“Something I’ve come to realize with the growth of ‘gender-affirming’ surgeries and ‘gender-affirming’ medical care is that we’re right in the middle of an extraordinary medical atrocity,” Michael Egnor, a pediatric neurosurgeon and professor at the Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook University in New York, told the news outlet.

Sadly, it is not the first time that our esteemed medical profession, inhabited by people who insist that they have science on their side, has claimed the such atrocities are clinically effective:

“I’ve taught in the ethics course here at Stony Brook,” Egnor, who is also residency director at the hospital, told The Federalist. “We teach the students and the young doctors about various ethical atrocities in medical history” such as eugenics, lobotomies for the mentally ill and the Tuskegee Syphilis Study, in which medical treatment was withheld from black research subjects.

“We point out that at the time all these atrocities were widely accepted in the medical community,” he said.

“At the end of the course I ask them a fairly obvious question, and that is what are the ethical atrocities that we’re doing today? And they just gasp.”

The blindness is astounding. And yet, serious physicians, people of science, insist that theirs is the clinically correct analysis. And they gang up on anyone who dares offer a different opinion. 

“There’s been this enormous growth, this explosion of transgender ideology in the press and in the medical community,” Egnor said. “I’ve had parents come to me in panic asking whether there’s anything I can do to help on that.”

“Watching the news and knowing that the American Medical Association has endorsed this stuff, and the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Psychological Association has endorsed this stuff, I really have come to feel over the past year or two that we are in a very dark episode of medical ethics and medical history.”

“I want to encourage others in the medical community, many of whom share my viewpoint, to speak out,” he said. “If more senior physicians won’t stand up and say that this is wrong, then I am ashamed of my profession.”

Nicely stated, and we surely need more physicians who are willing to take the risk of denouncing the atrocity. As of now, young surgeons are happy to do TikTok videos about how good it was to perform a double mastectomy on a fourteen year old girl.

The prescribed medical treatment, couched in deceptive language, is designed to seduce children into mutilating themselves:

Egnor spoke of the serious risks of drugs and surgery to treat gender dysphoria in young people: “The medical advice [parents and children] are getting regarding these treatments is malpractice. It is, in my view, basically criminal stuff.”

“Puberty blockers are very, very powerful medications that have a lot of side effects in themselves,” he said.

“There are institutions in this country now that are performing mastectomies on children. There are institutions that are carrying out hysterectomies and removal of ovaries on adolescent girls. There are institutions that are removing the genitals of adolescent boys.”

He is quite correct. A medical profession with the least moral sense would bow its head in shame.

As we have noted on this blog, the National Health Service in Great Britain is now trying to staunch the bleeding:

Egnor is not alone among professionals in his reservations. In particular, England’s National Health Service recently released draft guidelines that endorse a more cautious and conservative approach.

Otherwise, you and I know that this will all be resolved in a tidal wave of litigation. Dare we say that the physicians who are touting these treatments and who are performing them will deserve the opprobrium they receive.


Anonymous said...

In a few years the Camp Lejune ads from trial lawyers will be replaced with ads asking if you or a loved one was harmed by doctors and hospitals who conspired to change your sex/gender. You may be eligible for millions of dollars in compensation (not to mention a few millions for the lawyers). Wait for it...

JPL17 said...

"Wait for it..."

I pray you're right, and that the legal profession hasn't already gone too far over the cliff to take on this transgender monstrosity.

IamDevo said...

Uh-oh, this guy is begging to get cancelled and un-personed for violating the approved narrative, just like Dr. McCullough. The cancellation should begin in three, two, one......

Ares Olympus said...

The ONLY argument I've heard in favor of intervention of puberty and whatever gender-affirming treatments, hormones to surgical mutilations, is that some above average fraction of young people with gender dysphoria will commit suicide and I find it a manipulative argument that may be used against parents, to get their cooperation permission.

OTOH, maybe it's not manipulative in the intentional sense, but it is a rationalization that enables activists to avoid their own uncertainty. They really believe they are saving lives, and therefore they are in the right, and anyone who questions their convictions is transphobic, i.e. "bad" and to be resisted or ignored. And to be fair, rational scientific argument can't really "solve" the subjective question of gender. There are subtle and important differences between the sexes by biology and hormones, but also an individual range of biology and hormones.

The most interesting issue for me is "choice" which seems like a good libertarian and consumeristic perspective, choice is good. But choice also produces anxiety. 50-100 years ago many girls mostly wore dresses and skirts, and yet some rebelled and got to be called "tomboys" if they preferred to wear pants and play competitive sports over having tea parties to learn ladylike behavior, and gender tomboy was invented to describe the deviant standard, and girls had at least 2 "gender" choices, and the tomboys perhaps had it better, because they could move back and forth, and that's more the modern reality - girls can do it all if they choose.

But "choice" is less good when there's a high cost involved, and a high uncertainty involved. And for adults at least, no different than gender-affirming cosmetic surgery to enhance their biological gender, to try to confirm to some impossible standard. Like maybe a flat-chested woman might raise her self esteem by breast augmentation, and she'll suddenly discover new positive attention, but then what? And some other "flaw" will become apparent to her, invisible to everyone else, but her mind may belief that's what's holding her back, and then a new surgery. So wouldn't it be better for her mental health to exclude the idea that surgery is an option? So modern science and medical knowledge offers more "choices" but maybe not healthy ones for an individual or society.

Transgender people have all those problems x100, give a biology that doesn't match their desired appearance, and a HUGE risk however good your treatments and doctors, you will be as freakish as the poor afflicted 60yo women in Hollywood who had 14 too many surgeries.