Wednesday, October 19, 2022

In Liz We Truss... Not

Now that we are all witnessing the short, sad prime ministership of one Liz Truss, everyone is drawing a self-serving conclusion. Many on the left consider her obvious failing an indictment of Thatchernomics, or of free enterprise or of capitalism itself.

We will not, for now at least, torment our minds about the deeper meaning of the debacle. After all, if we wait too long we will not have Liz Truss to kick around at all.

For now I merely want to emphasize a single point, one that is far easier to understand than her manifestly failed economic agenda. It was certainly interesting to see the market repudiate the agenda so soundly. Apparently, Mr. Market knew something that Truss and her Chancellor of the Exchequer did not know.

Be that as it may, now that the Truss era looks like it might not make it past the two month milepost, I will point out one aspect that no one is talking about anymore. That is, not a one of Truss’s first group of senior ministers, her executive team, was a white male.

Once upon a time, and it was not a very long time ago, the media and the left was lauding her achievement, for having relegated white males to a secondary position.

This was especially salient because the Iron Lady herself, Margaret Thatcher, surrounded herself entirely with white males.

So, Liz Truss was all-in for diversity and inclusion. You might even think that she had simply drunk the cultural Kool-Aid, the kind that produced what must be the most singularly inept cabinet in American history, the Biden cabinet. She has shown yet again, the validity of the Kamala Harris principle, don't give jobs to people who cannot do them just because of their gender or race.

And yet, Truss was supposedly a conservative. She leads the British Tory party, for now, at least. If the British Tories do not understand that the diversity agenda is sheer madness, they do not deserve to govern. They are not offering an alternative to the Labour Party, but they have gone all #MeToo.

Anyway, Truss’s approval ratings no longer register in the polls. The Labour Party leads the Conservatives by some 30 percentage. After Boris Johnson obviously failed to provide consequential leadership, and after he squandered a massive amount of political capital, it remained for the hapless Liz Truss to squander the rest.


Freddo said...

I have seen an alternative formulation for the Kamala Harris principle: "if your closet is chock-full of skeletons and your mental health degenerating rapidly, make sure to appoint a successor so devastatingly incompetent that nobody will dare to replace you". And by all reports Kamala Harris was a very inspired choice.

370H55V I/me/mine said...

"This was especially salient because the Iron Lady herself, Margaret Thatcher, surrounded herself entirely with white males."

And not only that, but her closest insiders were Jewish, like Sir Keith Joseph and Leon Brittain.

Donald Trump was right. And I'll say it here yet again: if Hitler were non-white . . .

Suzannemarie said...

"Ms Truss entered Downing Street on September 6th. She blew up her own government with a package of unfunded tax cuts and energy-price guarantees on September 23rd. Take away the ten days of mourning after the death of the queen, and she had seven days in control. That is the shelf-life of a lettuce."

Anonymous said...

"the shelf-life of a lettuce.": Suzannemarie haTH nailed!

Unknown said...

The STUPID is STRONG in these ones...