Friday, October 7, 2022

Transgenderism Is Big Business

It’s big business. A lot of money is involved. Regardless of how you feel about the current transgender mania, you should understand that some people and some hospitals are getting rich off of it.

Just when you thought that it could not get any worse.

The Daily Wire reports (via Maggie’s Farm):

The industry surrounding transgender surgeries is expected to reach $5 billion by the end of the decade.

According to a recent report from Grand View Research, the sector saw a $1.9 billion valuation last year and is forecast to expand at a compound annual growth rate of more than 11% through 2030. “The rising incidences of gender dysphoria and the increasing number of people opting for gender confirmation surgeries are expected to boost the growth during the forecast period,” the analysis explained.

Mutilating children is a growth industry. Tell me how optimistic that makes you feel?

As it happens some insurance companies are covering the procedures. One assumes that they cover it for adults-- though, you never know:

While insurance companies such as Aetna and Unicare may cover some components of sex reassignment surgeries, including hysterectomies and ovariectomies, Grand View Research said that “government support is also driving the market” through Medicare coverage.

Say what? How did Medicare get involved in this? The thought needs clarification.

It’s about the money hospitals and presumably physicians can earn for performing these mutilations:

Daily Wire host Matt Walsh recently obtained footage showing a Vanderbilt doctor emphasizing the money such surgeries can bring in. “Chest reconstruction” surgeries — which can be performed on minors — can generate $40,000, and “female-to-male bottom surgeries” can produce $100,000.

Another Vanderbilt doctor called religious objections “problematic” and said that medical professionals who refuse to perform such surgeries should face “consequences.”

Of course, some legislators are pushing back, but their voices are being drowned out by the prevailing mania:

“Using children for profit and political gain is deeply disturbing. Experts agree that there have not been enough clinical trials conducted to prove the safety and effectiveness of using these drugs on kids,” Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) wrote in a letter to the Food and Drug Administration. “These drugs have not been approved for treating children experiencing gender dysphoria, but the left insists on experimenting on these children anyway.”

Now, some political leaders want to criminalize any actions that prevent a child from being mutilated:

On the other hand, officials in left-leaning states are intensifying laws regarding child gender transitions. Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA) recently signed legislation banning health providers from aiding out-of-state attempts to stop a child from receiving gender transitions via puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, or surgery. 

In order to expand the market, some clinics are naturally trying to extend the treatments to young children. When Libs of TikTok tried to bring this to the attention of the general public, with a series of retweets, her account was suspended for days at a time:

 Another investigation from The Daily Wire found that at least 47 pediatric gender clinics across the United States have broadened the scope of their patient criteria to include children they describe in ways such as “gender creative,” “gender diverse,” or “gender nonconforming.” Some of these programs see children as young as two or three years old.

At the same time, the Tavistock center is being sued by around a thousand young people for having encouraged them to undergo one or another form of mutilation. Obviously, the counter thrust in this mad dialectic will arrive when the trial lawyers decide to step forth and sue the medical centers, hospitals and physicians who are performing these atrocities:

Studies indicate that as many as 90% of young people who claim a transgender identity, but are not encouraged to socially or medically transition, will no longer call themselves transgender in adulthood.

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Rule #1: the lawyers always win.

SAM L, said...


IamDevo said...

I can't help but observe that the so-called "medical professionals" have chosen infantile names for the surgical mutilations they perform. "Bottom surgery"? "Top surgery"? WTF? Is it to make these Mengele-inspired procedures sound harmless? I suppose "double mastectomy" and "penis amputation" do have a rather harsh ring to them. Or is it because they have not themselves advanced beyond infantile levels of introspection and insight? We now live in a world where renaming things by the "progressive left" is commonplace. Kind of what Orwell predicted when he looked into the future.