Thursday, October 20, 2022

To Starve and Freeze for Zelensky

A site called Not the Bee has the story. More than having the story, it exclaims that the mainstream media is failing to cover the numerous spontaneous protests that have been breaking out over Europe. The author is one Joel Abbott.

In Paris, Berlin, Brussels, Stuttgart and other cities masses of people are assembling, under one banner.

Abbott explains the theme:

Europeans don't want to starve and freeze for Zelensky.

Of course, the war in Ukraine is not exactly going as swimmingly as many would leave us to believe. As noted yesterday, the Russian military is taking down the power grid in Ukraine. It is going to be a long, cold winter for the Ukrainians.

Whereas Putin had avoided attacks on the civilian infrastructure, he has now taken the gloves off and has moved to a higher level of brutality.

But, Not the Bee has another story. The damage that the European sanctions against Russia is doing to everyday Europeans. Apparently, inflation is pushing up the price of fuel and food.

Not the Bee explains:

A mass demonstration in Paris calls for Macrons resignation. This is not being reported on British news channels as reports about anti government protests in Europe are being deliberately suppressed. So be sure to always spread news of these when they occur.

And in Brussels:

Impressive human tide in Brussels against Ursula von der Leyen, EU, globalist scum, corrupt politicians, media manipulation and rising energy prices. Europeans don't want to starve and freeze for Zelensky.

One recalls that it wasn’t too long ago that the media was crowing about the fact that the European effort against authoritarian Russia was being led by the likes of Ursula von der Leyen. You know, it was all about strong, empowered women. And they were winning against the big, bad male Russian bear.

It signals that the mainstream media is flooding the zone with propaganda, propaganda that fulfills the terms of woke culture, even including the greatness of the women leaders who are leading the fight.

So, Not the Bee asks again:

I ask you again: Why isn't this front page news in The New York Times?

After all, those protesters are socialists just like their staff!!

Surely these outlets that care about truth want you to know about the hundreds of thousands of people who are taking to the streets to protest against the insane inflation and energy bills that are crushing the average family.

Instead, the media is covering a man in a dress who spray painted an Aston Martin showroom to protest climate change.

Mass protests are happening across Europe against high food and energy prices and the sanctions on Russia that are crippling European economies. Yet the media continues to turn a blind eye to this.

Abbott concludes:

You'd think the ongoing unrest over inflation, energy, food prices, Covid mandates, and WEF power grabs disguised as "climate" policy would be a bigger story.

After all, Europe is about to freeze this winter and will be dragged into this recession along with the United States. Millions of people are going to be impoverished by this in Europe alone – and hundreds of millions more worldwide will be deeply affected because of it.

Time will tell. It is perhaps a bit premature to call the Ukraine war a triumph for liberal democracy.


Anonymous said...

Europe made choices years ago that made them dependent on Russia for energy and more. Numerous people warned them and they laughed it off. Now those chickens have come home to roost. Is it as simple as the decision to not allow Russia to invade Ukraine that is at fault? Should Poland, for example, care that Russia is invading Ukraine? If after Russia takes over Ukraine they invade Poland should Germany care? It's not as though there is a history of Russia invading Eastern Europe (sarc). Perhaps this problem is not as simple as choosing or not choosing to support Ukraine in their battle. Perhaps there is more here.

Anonymous said...

in the logic you are using here, Europe cannot do the right thing. Becoming dependent on Russia is leftist stupidity, and trying to cut oneself off is leftist idealism. Always wrong. What would satisfy you? And from europe's perspective, it looks different. Yes, there are people who protest the costs of war, but if the U.S. bordered Russia, you would know how to treat such protests. Anyone who lived under Russian occupation understands this. And half of Europe lived like this for years and the costs of this continue to this day.

Mind your own business said...

There is virtually no evidence that Russia has any intention of cascading through eastern Europe. That seems to be a remnant nightmare of the 1950's by old Cold War warrior neo-cons being revived for western propaganda purposes.

They are acting in their own self interest in keeping NATO from doing so right up to their border, however. The West needs to fess up and take responsibility for antagonizing Russia and instigating this war. Only the most willfully blind or stupid could believe otherwise.

The people of Europe will freeze and starve, because they are being used as pawns (just like the Ukrainian people) in the planned strategic takeover of Russia by the Davos/IMF/Soros crowd, which firmly controls NATO. They hope to destabilize Russia so they can swoop in and steal all the natural resources at rock bottom prices, just as they have done so many other places. Russia and the BRIC countries are a threat to the Big Reset plans to crash the world's economy and gather up everything on the cheap. That's the whole point of "You will own nothing." They bankrupt you, and you are forced to relinquish all that you own. They are doing it to us, and they want to do it to Russia. Russia's real enemies are not the Ukrainians, who are just being used as pawns. But Russia's real enemies are also our real enemies, and it's about time people woke up and realized it.

bobby said...

Imagine our government deciding that warm clothing is sexist, racist, ableist, and fattening.

So they confiscate all of our warm clothes.

Then, a cold day comes. Do we curse the cold day? No, we curse the government. We would have been warm on a cold day without government meddling.

Ukraine right now is that cold day. The climate zealots are the government. We'd be fine were we not allowing them to bleat their falsehoods.