Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Daddy, Dearest

 By the time we reach the age of adult reason we have learned not to speak ill of the dead. Perhaps we have learned about filial piety; perhaps we have learned to honor our father and mother.

Apparently the lesson was lost on one woman recently. The New York Post reported on a woman who calls herself a black supremacist:

A woman has gone viral after sharing a video that seemingly shows them trashing their own father at his funeral, branding him a “racist, misogynistic, xenophobic” Donald Trump supporter.

The shocking clip — shared by self-described “black supremacist” @saginthesunforever — has clocked up more than 1.6 million views and sparked widespread backlash after it was re-posted to Twitter by the controversial conservative account @LibsOfTikTok on Tuesday.

The speaker — who has not disclosed their name, age or where they live — was unapologetic about their harsh and hateful remarks, captioning the clip: “Friendly reminder that Idgaf [I don’t give a f–k] and WILL say what needs to be said every single time.”

It’s unclear when exactly the memorial service for their father took place, but the TikToker subsequently shared an extended version of the speech, in which they painted a more complex picture of the relationship they had with their father.

“Dad, please know that I am grateful, and highly aware of what you have done for this family, [but] I still don’t miss you,” they declared. “When you died, I felt like there was a hole. I missed something, but it wasn’t you. It was the idea of what you could [have] become. I missed being able to hope and wish that one day you’d turn a corner and see the world from my perspective.”

The activist went on to tell mourners that they had hoped their dad might one day help them fight “for the things that matter.”

However, they claimed that his death had “solidified the fact that you’ll never be what you could have been, but only what you are — and what you are is a racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, Trump-loving, cis, straight white man.”

Consider that a sign of the times, in an epoch where civilization is unraveling, where filial piety has yielded to filial impiety. Of course a few elderly folk found the intervention inappropriate:

However, several slammed the TikToker — who uses they/them pronouns, according to their bio — for daring to speak ill of their late dad, with one saying: “She’ll regret it one day. It may take 20 years, but it’ll break her. One day.”

Another railed: “I’m black and Republican and my dad dislike Republicans, yet I would never talk bad about him at his funeral. It’s called mutual RESPECT. Shame girl”

On Twitter, others railed against TikTok, with one implying that the platform is pushing people to perform outrageous antics in order to gain attention.

For another take, see this, by Bulldog at Maggie’s Farm.

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Sidebar: Why is the Post indulging her They-Theirness? That’s almost as spooky as the rest of it.