Monday, November 7, 2022

What Did They Know, and When Did They Know it?

What did they know and when did they know it?

You recall my recent post about an article written by Brown University professor Emily Oster. In it she suggests that we offer blanket amnesty to the civil authorities who botched the covid response so badly. They were using the best science, so we need forgive them their failings. No one knew any better.

It was a dumb idea, and I commented on it three days ago. Now, for our general edification the Brownstone Institute (via Maggie’s Farm) has compiled a series of links that expose what we knew about the virus. That these opinions do not correlate with the actions of our bureaucrats draws our attention. In truth, they knew better and they ignored what they knew. 

I offer them for your interest, without commentary:

2019: WHO Global Influenza Programme recommends against lockdowns and masks


Sept 2019: Johns Hopkins pandemic preparedness study recommends against lockdowns


Jan 20: Obama health adviser says stop panicking


Jan 24: Doctor warns that mass quarantine won’t work and will devastate society


Feb 5: Fauci says there’s no asymptomatic spread


Feb 28: Fauci says this is more akin to flu than something more deadly


Mar: 81% of Chinese Covid cases are mild


Mar 1: Sweden: No effective measure to let healthy school children stay at home


Mar 2: Discussion on how Covid IFR was likely much lower than predicted


Mar 2: 800 public health scientists warn against lockdowns, quartantines, restrictions


Mar 3: Article on why masks are impractical


Mar 3: Berkeley doctor indicates masks are not helpful in preventing Covid


Mar 4: Doctor says Covid not nearly as deadly as feared


Mar 4: Your doctor is not panicking and neither should you


Mar 9: Article on how Covid is only really dangerous to the elderly


Mar 9: Doctor talking about unnecessary panic over Covid


Mar 12: Review found severe mental health problems from prolonged quarantine


Mar 12: Chief medical officer saying people shouldn’t wear masks


Mar 15: Medical org. says stopping elective surgeries is unnecessary and dangerous


Mar 17: Covid response is focused on the wrong things


Mar 17: Warning of financial crisis, unrest, civil strife, war, and a meltdown of the social fabric


Mar 19: Article about Covid overaction and its issues


Mar 25: Data about the health impacts of crushing the economy


Mar 26: Early evidence of hospitals inaccurately listing Covid as cause of death


Mar 26: Early data shows we’re overreacting to Covid


Mar 28: Predictions about the harms of lockdowns: Drugs, Suicide, and Crime


Mar 28: Guardian outlines rise in domestic abuse throughout the world


Mar 30: Study showing children are not the primary spreader of Covid


Apr 1: Article saying masks offer little to no advantage outside of hospital settings


Apr 3: An overview on the dangers of Lockdowns


Apr 4: Warning of the harm in delaying non-Covid medical procedures


Apr 4: Study from China finds of 7,324 COVID-19 cases only 2 transmissions occurred outdoors


Apr 6: U.N. warns about domestic violence surge


Apr 6: Piece on domestic abuse during lockdown


Apr 7: Piece on the mental health cost of the lockdown on kids


Apr 8: Research showing the seasonality of Coronaviruses


Apr 13: More confirmation about domestic abuse rising due to lockdowns


Apr 14: Children are very unlikely to contract Covid


Apr 15: Barely any transmission from outdoor activities


Apr 15: Different approaches by countries have little impact on Covid deaths


Apr 15: Molecular Biologist suggests the cure is worse than the disease


Apr 16: Research showing school lockdowns aren’t helpful and cause great harm


Apr 16: UN overview about the poverty/death that will come from lockdowns


Apr 16: CDC mask study concludes that masks don’t work


Apr 17: Info on how damaging canceled procedures are


Apr 20: Oxford professor says cases in UK peaked before lockdown


Apr 22: Potential for 60,000 cancer deaths due to lack of screening/treatment


Apr 23: The harm lockdowns are having on people with heart conditions


Apr 24: Data on the mental health toll of lockdowns


Apr 24: Indications from Europe that lockdowns are ineffective


Apr 24: Study showing school closings are the least cost-effective pandemic policy


Apr 26: The rise of domestic abuse during lockdowns


Apr 26: Data that the infection rate from kids is extremely low


Apr 28: Increasing child abuse is a side effect of Covid lockdowns


Apr 29: Cancer deaths could increase by 20% due to lockdown


Nov 20: No evidence of asymptomatic spread in study of 10M Wuhan residents


Cappy said...

No amnesty. This pandemic allowed bigoted jerks to show their true colors. They were bigoted jerks before, during and after the pandemic, and should suffer severe consequences.

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

No amnesty. People are responsible for their actions, and must suffer the consequences of bad decisions and acts.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post. I offer five points for your consideration:

Point 1: The data from the Diamond Princess cruise ship were consistent with the data we saw throughout the pandemic. The virus’ DNA was sequenced early on. There was little that was unknown beyond that about this “invisible enemy.” This public health crisis was weaponized in both its creation and mitigation, and was mercilessly prolonged for no good reason other than “science says…”This crisis of uncertainty that prevailed throughout the pandemic was motivated by purely cynical political animus at the highest levels. “Never let a good crisis go to waste” became a political lifestyle choice, with devastating effect. That’s why they rabidly destroyed any people who challenged them, until Joe Rogan…

Point 2: Anthony Fauci needs to go to jail for his retirement, as does Deborah Birx. All funds “earned” by public health figures from public speaking and book deals about their self-proclaimed heroism and clairvoyance should go to fund a nationwide movement for executive emergency powers reform (see Point 5).

Point 3: Every person in authority who ever uttered “we’re all in this together” during the lockdowns should be subject to a comprehensive lifestyle audit of their activities and whereabouts during said period. They should be made to account for every minute of every day, given their authoritarian pronouncements and reckless engendering of fear in others.

Point 4: Bill Gates and his foundation should henceforth be ignored. On every topic. The man built a software company, and must no longer be viewed as an authority on much else.

Point 5: All emergency power laws at every level of government executive authority must be changed. After a certain point in time of emergency (30 days is more than ample), those powers should come under the purview of the legislature — the elected representatives of the people. Such sweeping powers must never again be wielded by an executive (nor executive branch secretary, bureaucrat or paid “expert” for same) for unlimited duration ever again. Our American tradition of republican government is certainly far from perfect, but our real, lived experience conclusively shows tyranny is much worse.

Always remember: not ONE government public health bureaucrat ever missed a paycheck during the pandemic, and will never admit their errors that caused untold grief, suffering and social dislocation for an incredible duration of time — time none of us can ever get back. Why? Because they are “experts.” The entire “public health” profession should be made to answer for this outrage. They never had skin in the game.