Friday, November 18, 2022

Trump vs. DeSantis

You have heard this before. Specifically, you have heard it on this very blog. Clearly Ron DeSantis is the current front runner for the Republican presidential nomination.

Thus, from the Club for Growth, via Zero Hedge:

Polling conducted Nov. 11-13 by WPAi Intelligence on behalf of the conservative Club for Growth Action found that DeSantis is the preferred candidate of 48% of Iowa's likely Republican voters, compared to just 37% for Trump. The margin is even wider in New Hampshire: Republicans prefer DeSantis by a 52% to 37% margin. 

In what must be a particular humiliation for Trump, he trails DeSantis in their shared home state of Florida by 26 points -- 56% to 30%.  

Separately, a post-midterm poll commissioned by the Texas Republican Party found 43% of Texas Republicans prefer DeSantis, compared to 32% who back Trump. 

To be fair, this does not account for other candidates. And, Republicans do have a strong and deep bench. And it does not account for debates, where the absurdly well-informed DeSantis will surely prevail.

Now, to top it off, Christopher Rufo, the self-appointed nemesis of critical race theory has written an appreciation of DeSantis for the City Journal. He emphasizes the DeSantis ability to govern effectively:

But DeSantis is not merely blustering. He has advanced a substantive agenda to rein in left-wing ideologies in Florida’s institutions, passing significant higher education reforms, new curriculum guidance for K–12 schools, a ban on gender theory in grades K–3, and the Stop W.O.K.E. Act, which restricts critical race theory-style racial scapegoating in large institutions, including corporations. Most notably, DeSantis picked a fight with the Walt Disney Company, which had previously been untouchable in Florida politics—and won.

Though the media excoriated him for the K–3 gender theory ban, the Stop W.O.K.E. Act, and his fight with Disney, in all three cases, he knew that he would emerge with two-to-one public support on these issues. He skillfully engaged in the media scrum and, to the surprise of his opponents, surfaced from those conflicts more popular than before. He doesn’t engage in controversy for the sake of controversy; his strategy is calculated, and he has the self-discipline to proceed only when he can accomplish his goals.

DeSantis does not merely work the room. He does not merely rely on his subordinates. He studies the research and makes up his own mind. In some ways this is his most impressive quality:

During the flight, he discussed a wide range of policy ideas for reforming K–12, higher education, and corporate governance, delving into the details and complexities of each. One of his staffers told me that, during the Covid pandemic, he would pore over medical journals and call staffers in the middle of night, asking to connect with doctors who had conducted the research. Many conservative leaders stoke the culture war to generate media attention and fundraising dollars; DeSantis stokes it to advance important policy objectives and to protect his constituents from the excesses of woke ideologies.

As for the track record:

His administration has continued Florida’s rise as an economic powerhouse, counted votes in the midterms within hours of the polls closing, and led recent disaster-recovery efforts with skill and efficiency. After Hurricane Ian, the government deployed thousands of linemen, quickly restored power, and rebuilt a vital bridge in three days. DeSantis understands that maintaining essential services is the foundation of good government, and he has built a team to manage the complexities of administration. His communications team has been particularly impressive, swarming left-wing journalists on social media to correct the record and combat misleading narratives. DeSantis wisely delegates this work, which allows him to focus on what matters: governing.

Finally, his victory on Tuesday was not a fluke. He has demonstrated courage and ability, two essential, if rare, qualities in modern politics. 

He has demonstrated courage and ability, two essential, if rare, qualities in modern politics. According to post-midterms polling data, Republican primary voters increasingly see his model of governance as the way forward.


Lowghost said...

“ In what must be a particular humiliation for Trump, he trails DeSantis in their shared home state of Florida by 26 points -- 56% to 30%.”

Trump wasn’t much appreciated in NY either.

Anonymous said...

I like DeSantis a lot. I would be happy to have him as president. I do get the impression that the movers and shakers are pushing for DeSantis in exactly the same wat they pushed McCain. You remember, all the Republicans were behind him and the Democrats had nothing but good things to say about him until... he actually ran. I think DeSantis is being set up as "Trump kryptonite" and once the real risk, the guy they are actually afraid of, is out of the race they will all pile on DeSantis and he won't even come close to winning.

What we really need, I mean really, really need so bad because the country is going down the tubes is a candidate who isn't tied to the Swamp, didn't spend his life in politics and who really understand how to get things done and actually wants to make America great again and isn't just repeating whatever the pollsters tell him will work. Someone who has proved this, is honest in what he promises and isn't afraid to speak truth to power and kick ass. Who would that be??? Anyone/know who fits this description. Only one man! And that one man is Trump. It matters little that this talking head or that tired old politician doesn't like him Trump is the only one who can save the country. I know! I know! You don't like him and wish that unicorns were real and we aren't really in deep, deep shit, but that's the way it is. Wishing DeSantis was our Saviour won't change it. So dump Trump if you must. Just know that it is quite likely that those who believe in Trump don't share your wishes that unicorns were real and we are truly concerned for the future and we will be voting for Trump.

Rondo said...

Trump wins against DeSantis head to head.

jmod46 said...

If DeSantis runs and prevails in the primaries against Trump, I wonder how many butthurt Trump supporters will stay home in the general election? Under that scenario, even Kamala could win.

To be fair, there are probably a good number of Republicans who might stay home if Trump is the nominee.

Reminds me of the Will Roger's quote: "I'm not a member of any organized political party--I'm a Democrat." Just substitute "Republican" for "Democrat" to bring this quote up to date.

Anonymous said...

" a good number of Republicans who might stay home if Trump is the nominee."

No, no! You are allowing yourself to be blind to the point. IF DeSantis is chosen organically, i.e. by choice of the Republican voters THEN former Trump MAGA voters will vote for him. IF on the other hand Trump is destroyed by the elitist cabal and then we are given a candidate not of our choice THEN it is quite likely we will not bow down and kiss his feet. WAKE UP! Their intent is to TAKE your choice from you NOT to give you a choice. If DeSantis can divorce himself from the swamp and not accept or condone their assistance to his campaign and if he can win the voters to his side then he will be welcomed and we will vote for him. If all of this is conducted in the backroom without our knowledge then FU elitist Republicans. Simple isn't it when you don't try to hide behind your political fraud.

jmod46 said...

Just to set the record straight, I voted for Trump twice. I was very happy with almost all his policies.

I am basing my comments on two things:

1) Trump has approval ratings down in the Biden range so that makes it an uphill battle for him. Obviously every Democrat will vote against him and I believe a lot of Republicans may not participate in the election if he is the nominee. OTOH, Biden got re-elected so maybe anything is possible.
2) If DeSantis is chosen by primary voters, I am concerned that big MAGA voters will be so disappointed that they will stay home for the general election.

But maybe you are right about the "organic" thing. If the GOP establishment is seen as too one-sided for DeSantis, then the MAGA faction will just kiss off the 2024 election. OTOH, if the polls really show DeSantis outperforming Trump, then it may well be that the MAGA faction will support DeSantis.

The best thing that could happen is for DeSantis to have a heart-to-heart conversation with the GOPe and tell them to not play favorites for the reasons you gave. If he has confidence in his own abilities he should just let the chips fall where they may...

Anonymous said...

"Trump has approval ratings down in the Biden range"
Yeah and I have a red wave I want to sell you. Again I will say, and this goes right to your point, if Trump is ousted by organic factors as in his supporters preferring someone else, than no problem.

"If DeSantis is chosen by primary voters,"

"IF!" I can guarantee you that won't happen. NOT that DeSantis could not or would not win, what won't happen is a clean choice for voters between DeSantis and Trump. The swamp (DOJ, FBI, CIA, IRS and everyone else) will sabotage Trump so that their guy DeSantis can win. IF that happens than you are right and the Trump voters will see right though this fraud and likely not vote for DeSantis.

It isn't just the GOP establishment. The Democrats are big on dirty tricks and the current administration is afraid of Trump so they will likely assassinate him politically and legally. IF that happens the Trump supporters will probably not jump onto DeSantis's bandwagon. Some will, others will clearly see that we are being insurrected by our politicians and will not submit.

The "BEST" thing that could happen is for Trump to get elected and clean house. The "BEST" thing for DeSantis is to wait another four years, because one way or another Trump will not be in this in four years.