Monday, November 28, 2022

Is China Imploding?

Is China Imploding? The news is being blared across the media. Citizens of China are in open rebellion against their government's zero-covid policies. You see, the autocracy has reached peak repression and the people are reacting. As our great theorists would expect.

Yet again, Gordon Chang seems to be right. The communist government is failing. We are winning. Good things are going to happen. We may not be able to defeat China in competition, but we can watch their autocratic system implode. 

Of course, we do not know what it all means. For all we know the people are fed up with idleness; they might just want to go back to work. We, in our infinite naivete, think that they want free elections?

Anyway, there is a difference between the climate and the weather. We are impressed to see Chang develop a reputation for being wrong all the time. Chang has been predicting the end of China for more than two decades now. Anytime anything bad happens to the Middle Kingdom he pops  up like a jack-in-the box to claim his right to having always been right.

As it happens, Chang has a nemesis, by name of David Goldman, who writes for the Asia Times. According to Goldman, in the long run the Chinese strategy, to produce large numbers of computer engineers and other tech savvy people, will prevail over the American effort to produce more social justice warriors and masters of critical race theory. Who do you think is going to outproduce whom?

As for the current semiconductor wars, and especially our wish to monopolize the manufacture of such chips, Goldman explains, for those who are more savvy than I, that we our policies are making more noise than substance. For your edification. Link here.

So, as the saying goes, don’t get too cocky. In the ongoing culture war with China, we are not doing as well as we think. And the signs are, things are not getting any more favorable.

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Anonymous said...

All these Chinese protests will end suddenly any time now. All these protestors will just disappear, I mean not be seen again, opps, I mean they won't protest anymore and everything will be back to normal. Coincidently during that time all internet service and cell service will temporally not work for some unknown reason but will eventually be restored and never talked about again. It's fine!

Mind your own business said...

Just Tiananmen Square Pt. II. Same ending. The CCP leadership has no qualms about quashing this kind of dissent with as much violence as necessary.

What is more disturbing is that our own government seems envious. And inclined to do the same.

Suzannemarie said...

The latest blog dates from Monday, and Thursday is near. Hoping you are allright, Stuart and sending good vibrations over the ocean.

IamDevo said...

Having made a small contribution to your fund drive, I feel I can now also make additional contributions to your internet musings without feeling like a freeloader. Thank you for providing a space where people can read and comment intelligently and without rancor. Well, mostly without rancor. In that spirit, allow me to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, but please promise to never again suggest, even in jest that Gordon Chang was right about anything. The shock of reading that was almost too much for my delicate sensibilities. Thankfully, I continued to read and found your clarification, else I would have had no choice but to abandon your website.

Jean Christensen said...

We are worried about Stuart too.