Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cheryl Hines vs. Mary Richardson Kennedy

Sad to say, but most people will quickly forget Mary Richardson Kennedy. No one wants to think very long about a mother of four who hanged herself in the barn.

If, as I have suggested, she was trying to make a statement, respect obliges us to continue to try to make sense of what she did.

By now it should be clear to nearly everyone that her estranged husband, Robert Kennedy, Jr., treated her very badly.

He was about to take custody of her children and remove her from her home. He had allowed her to be sued by American Express for non-payment of debt.

Her children and her home were her life… what effect does it have when someone uses institutional power to take those from a woman by judicial force.

And then there was the public humiliation of seeing pictures of her husband cavorting with another woman.

It is good that the New York Post continues to cover the story. 

Its latest report tells a story of emotional torture, inflicted on Mary Kennedy in a public forum by Robert Kennedy’s paramour, Cheryl Hines. I think it fair to call it a rape of Mary Kennedy’s dignity.

Today the Post reports that Cheryl Hines was actively engaged in hijacking Mary Kennedy’s life, via Twitter posts.

Immediately after the suicide, Hines took down her Twitter account, but the Post retrieved it from a site called Topsy.

The Post story offers us an instance of a woman’s inhumanity toward another woman.

Most men are unaware of such open warfare. When they do hear about it they tend to dismiss it as not very consequential. If they do, they are wrong.

Cheryl Hines was trying to nullify Mary Kennedy. She wanted to replace Mary Kennedy with her husband, her children, her friends, and eventually, her home.

As a competitive strategy it is ignoble to an extreme. Hines was doing everything in her power to reduce Mary Kennedy to nothing.

Who among us dares to say that Cheryl Hines and Robert Kennedy did not succeed?

 In the Post’s words:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s latest squeeze, actress Cheryl Hines, had been flaunting their relationship online in the weeks before his wife hanged herself.

And her posts show that she virtually hijacked the life that Mary Richardson Kennedy had lived.

It wasn’t just that she was dating Bobby Jr. and taking Mary’s place at his side at various Riverkeeper galas and events.

Hines also had struck up friendships with two of Mary’s best friends, Kerry Kennedy and Glenn Close, according to her tweets.

The “Curb Your Enthusiasm” blonde even tweeted about talking football with Mary and Bobby Jr.’s 11-year-old son, Aiden.

And then:

Mary had been a close friend of “Fatal Attraction” star Glenn Close. They’d been so tight that Close sang at Mary’s funeral Saturday.

But it was the 46-year-old Hines, not Mary, who accompanied Bobby Jr. to Close’s April 15 birthday celebration.

And Hines was happy to hijack Mary Kennedy’s friends too:

Kerry Kennedy — the person who had first introduced Mary to her brother — posted a picture of Close, Bobby Jr. and Hines arm-in-arm on Twitter.

Hines tweeted that day: “I got to tell #GlenClose what an inspiration she has always been to me.”

Just the day before, Hines also tweeted about stopping at a local Westchester burger joint where Mary used to take her and Bobby’s kids.

“At Armonk’s Burgers & Shakes in Armonk, NY. So, sooooo good,” she wrote.
Kerry Kennedy, who would later write a eulogy for Mary, tweeted a picture of Hines, Bobby Jr. and singer Jackson Browne at a restaurant.

“Cheryl and Jackson Browne were amazing on stage and off,” she wrote April 28 after a California education fund-raiser that Hines attended with Bobby Jr.

Cheryl Hines showed no respect for Mary Kennedy. She was utterly shameless, and utterly disrespectful, flaunting the fact that she was stealing another woman’s life.

When people talk about whether or not shamelessness is a good thing, think of Cheryl Hines.


Katielee4211 said...

So sad, heartbreaking, and such disgusting behavior from Hines and Kerry and RFK, Jr.
It seems to par for the course for many of the Kennedy's though. A legacy being handed down through the generations, and rather defines what is meant by the 'Sins of the father...'
And yet society wants to put them on a pedestal. Well maybe not all, but I doubt those who don't matter to them.

Anonymous said...

I am going to concur with everything you said.

Hines and Robert will try to convince themselves and the world around them they are not to blame for the death of Mary, but it will be in vain. Deep down in their souls.

Anonymous said...

Good on you for calling her out like this. What a heartless witch.

Kay said...

Just the fact that they hurriedly took down all of the pictures and "tweets" reeks of culpability. The children have been used unwittingly in the complicity and will no doubt come to realize this about their father as they grown into adults.

This is one of the most sordid, tawdry spectacles in American celebrity that I've seen in a long time, perhaps ever.

Anonymous said...

It is so wonderful that a man can see through what this heartless selfish person did. and I mean Cheryl as much as Bobby. Any woman out there can read her eyes, her body language, and the progress of the victory she thought she was claiming. Funny the woman possed with Glen Close as I am reminded of Fatal Attraction!!

Whatever the two of them do from here on this needless death will wear on their souls, for indeed they must have some somewhere inside.

When I hear what a great father Robert Jr is I am reminded of the quote: The greatest gift a father can give his children is to love their mother.


Anonymous said...

Completely agree.

Great analysis!

Anonymous said...

Cheryl Hines is an opportunist and the female counterpart of Arnold Schwarznegger, another self-serving "wanna be" using the Kennedy's pumped up name to add to their already narcissistic ego. RFK is a perfect match for Hines in the category of sensitivity for others.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, your a life coach and you have the nerve to make judgements and assumptions based on the frivolous reporting of the New York Post. I'm really at a loss for words here.

You no nothing of the circumstances of this situation other than the garbage that you read on line and you think you can make comments on someone who was clearly suffering from a mental illness, obviously something you can not understand. Perhaps you would like to simply take the position that her estranged husband was somehow responsible for this illness. There were reasons this marriage fell apart, do you know them? Probably not, so how can you sit in judgement and continue to discuss something public ally based on what facts? What you are doing sitting there in your easy chair is making callous comments on a family in mourning, comments these children may one day read. Instead of being a real life coach and considering the real victims here are these kids you'd rather take the low road and participate in the continued dialog of why a mentally ill women with a history of suicide attempts, alcoholism and instability choose to take her own life. Really Mr. Life Coach you should be ashamed of your self!

Piperdown said...

I bet "anonymous" is Cheryl or Bobby!
Don't blame the author of this article just bc the whole world is AGHAST today at your cruelty. YOU put it out there- the pictures, the tweets, the flaunting, the appearances. YOU wanted the attention, and now you've got it. Unfortunately, no one is envying your life right now, as you had hoped. No one is admiring you.

Anonymous said...


I think it is incorrect to write that she "hung" herself. Pictures are hung, people are hanged.

Just a small point! Thank you for your great blog!

Cambridge (the real one)

Stuart Schneiderman said...

Thank you for the correction... I will edit the text. I wonder whether they would have known it in the other Cambridge.

Anonymous said...

DING! We have a winner here!

Brenda said...

lovely rant, Stuart


Anonymous said...

You wrote everything that I was thinking, but could never articulate as well as you have in this article. Robert and Cheryl literally ruined Mary's life. No one could convince me otherwise. I do not care of Cheryl Hines wins an academy award or Robert Kennedy solves global warming,they will always be scum in my eyes. As well, who knows if there was a suicide note? Robert Kennedy "managed" everything from the time Mary's body was found. People are a bit more savy today and less likely to fall for the BS image saving that happened here. Also, Glenn Close and Kerrie Kennedy should be ashamed calling themselves dear friends. How could Glenn go along with that Kennedy funeral? If she were a friend, she would have shown up at the Richardsons' tribute instead.

Kiri Blakeley said...

Hi Stuart, a reader posted some of this on my Stir post about this. Then I tried to find you on Fb. Weren't we Fb friends?

Anonymous said...

Hines & Robert Kennedy knew exactly what they were doing and the potential if not the likely outcome.

Truly loathsome individuals.

Anonymous said...

Despite the fact that Mary and Bobby had ups and downs in their marriage, we must remember that Bobby was not fully divorced. Cheryl flaunting her relationship with him so soon did not help matters and added embarrasment to Mary who was trying to cope with a number of issues. But, because they are human, it was too much to expect Bobby to continue to be patient with Mary. It was too much to expect Cheryl to back down from a promising, fun, career enhancing relationship with Bobby and it was too much to expect Mary to sit on the sidelines and watch Bobby and Cheryl's happiness (new taboo love is exciting), especially while Mary endured the humiliation of the media and was finally even betrayed by Glen and Kerie. But, don't forget that Mary, too, was in a relationship with Bobby while he was still married to HIS first wife and his first wife had two kids with him before Mary came along.

Anonymous said...

Your article was the best I have read about Mary K.'s situation. Personally, I think her decision to commit suicide had less to do with depression and more to do with how her husband was steamrolling over her in the divorce, with much cruelty added by C.H. I appreciate your sensitivity in assessing what really happened!
I hope the children get the therapy they will need to make it through!

Anonymous said...

Bobby was married to first wife, Emily, & had 2 children with her. He forced Emily into divorce by getting,then girlfriend Mary, pregnant.3 wks after the divorce was filed,he married Mary, 6 months pregnant.In a way, Mary did to Emily what Cheryl did to Mary: took the husband, buddied up with the kids, Emily knew Mary before Bobby & Mary became a couple.What you reap IS what you sow. BUT I think the blog is absolutely correct in everything he wrote. RIP Mary.

Anonymous said...

It seems when Bobby is ready to end a relationship he finds another woman,who he can use,to get out of the former relationship.

Stuart Schneiderman said...

I hadn't known the circumstances of the Robert Kennedy/Mary Richardson marriage.

Doubtless, as she found herself in a position that was similar to the one she put his first wife in she must have been saying that she had been duped and that she should have known better.

Anonymous said...

Just another woman the Kennedys got rid of. They are insufferable pigs and NOBODY should donate to any of their charities.

Anonymous said...

Bobby Kennedy Jr. and his first wife were legally separated for over a year before he and Mary hooked up. Bobby and Emily were both seeing other people in the time leading up to his romance with Mary. He never forced Emily into a divorce. In fact, Emily was the one who asked for the divorce in the first place. People are twisting these facts.

Anonymous said...

Good article. There seems to be no end to this tragedy. The latest chapter makes me wonder why it is that some people are so cruel to others. In this case it is the cruelty to their own children that I can’t understand. An unfit parent is not simply someone who physically abuses and neglects the child. There is also emotional and mental abuse and neglect. Bobby Kennedy Jr and Cheryl Hines appear to fit in the latter category. They are obviously more concerned with their own wants and desires than with the well-being of the children that are involved. Just looking at pics of Cheryl’s young daughter I see a child who is hungry for attention. Even attention from a complete stranger (the photographer) fills some of that need. A need her mother should be filling. Cheryl Hines started an affair with a married man while she herself was still married as well. Bobby Kennedy jr and WIFE Mary were still attending social events together several months after he filed for divorce. The hope in Mary’s eyes as she is seen happily posing with her husband is unmistakable. Then BAM only weeks later he is posing with Cheryl on the slopes. Cheryl Hines was actively involved in breaking up a family. Did she never stop to think about the children? She wanted Bobby and she got him, but that wasn’t enough for her. She also moved in on his kids, posing with them and taking them out with her , without their father, as if she were their mother. Even that was not enough for this woman. She then made sure she moved in on Mary Richardson’s friends as well. Still it wasn’t enough and so she moved in on Mary’s best friend. Still not satisfied, she moved in on the rest of the Kennedy family as well. All the while she kept posing for photographers with Mary’s loved ones. Astonishingly, even this was not enough for Cheryl Hines. She and Bobby wanted Mary’s house as well! Look at photographs of Cheryl and Bobby together in the months leading up to Mary’s death. One can see the glee in Cheryl’s eyes as she realized that victory was now within her grasp. Cheryl Hines got her wish and Mary is now dead. Yet this is still not enough for Cheryl. No, the fact that Bobby would one day be laid to rest in a plot next to Mary’s was not acceptable. Mary is exhumed and re buried in a lonely spot in the cemetery. Cheryl got Mary’s husband, kids, house, (lousy) best friend and friends, and even her original burial spot. Cheryl Hines is a merciless bully which is probably why she and Bobby have been together all over Hyannis this summer without a care: sailing, going to restaurants, even to a family wedding in the compound. Why is he not putting the needs of his motherless children before his romantic desires? These two have no conscious, no shame and can’t even be bothered with the emotional welfare of their own young children.

Stuart Schneiderman said...

thank you for the information, as painful as it is. I am surprised that the press has not been reporting this summer's antics, a truly disgusting display... though maybe its been in the local papers.

Anonymous said...

what would you do?? You lived all your life with a cheating man in fear to lose children. As he was very clear from the beggining that he ll get the children. then he destroys you by setting up drunk driving, bypolar diseases, depression.... takes your children, your money, your house. Who can coop with it??

She wrote suiside letter that was not found.... But we all know what she wrote.... Now everybody see what he did to her.....

Anonymous said...

thank you for your blog. Yes i know we all fight under our place under the son and Ceryl was fighting full speed to destroy Mary. I am sure she gave him many more ideas how to destroy Mary in court and set ups. Everytime a man cheets and Bobby did it from day one of his marrige they always say my wife was crazy, she was bypolar, she was depressed... i am a good guy she drove me to other women. Even the most sain wome when man openly cheets and tells you shut your mouth or i ll destroy you and take your kids will lose there sainty. He accused her of beating him up i am sure he drove her over the edge with his cruelty and insentitivity. i feel her pain and cry for help. She did what she did for a reason now we all know what she went trought!!!

Anonymous said...

Cheating man always a cheating man. There is a strong women like Jackie kennedy that can build herself as a women and ignore mans chaetings and there is weacker more sentetive women like Mary that could not breath because of pain and hurt. How is an alcoholic, that always in and out of rehabs, drug addict and ex heroine addict gets the full custody is a mistery. if Cheryl build like cold calculating jackie she is winner if she had heart and soul like Mary did she ll be tossed used up and frown away pretty soon. As Kennedys hate and dispase weak women they step on them and move forward with there life. Look at Marilyn Monroe how did her affair with bobby kennedy ended!

Anonymous said...

I am in shock the truth still did not come out!! Now Booby and Cheryl are planning a wedding 3 months after Mary death. May be it is good she dye she will not be able to handle it!

Anonymous said...

She was a kind gentle soul, he was fighing very dirty. She could not fight on this level and broke!! She was not build for this kind of treatment. poor mary why did noy you go to the press before and bring attention of what you go trough?? So many people would stand up for you!!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of Charles and Camilla and what they were doing to Diana! Diana wins...check out the latest pictures of C&C! Hilarious and sad...

Anonymous said...

too many prescription medication and antidepressants and too little human kindness and love! poor kids!

Anonymous said...

why she was still caliing him? he obviusly wanted to get rid of her, take the kids and move on. He obviosly wished only bad things for her filed the order of protection, cut all her finances and was building a case to win the custody battle. She builded this amazing eco friendly house as her kids had allergies, obviosly he was angry at her about spending the money, as he could not understand and agree that was needed. But mothers heart will do anything to help the kids, she did not go shopping and spend thousaunds of dollars on herself she did it for kids. I truly beleive if she was in the house that she build with her kids and secure financially she would not kill herself. But being alone after raising kids alone all this year how do you move on?

Anonymous said...

This is an important description of the strange phenomenon of a former lover/husband seemingly wanting to destroy his Ex. The new girl friend pulls the trigger, but he is setting it up. The removal of the children was the coup de gras-final blow. Many women have experienced a minor version of this targeting by an Ex, or a devastating break up that seemed to be aimed to kill. Why? Was the original tie too much?
Mary was exterminated. Is this narcissistic attack on a 'weak' target. Where does the venom come from? Always that weird question: why would he do this?

Anonymous said...

The latest pictures of CH grinning at Kyra's ball and in Paris Match, her quotes to the press about hanging with "the family" ... appalling lack of sensitivity and grace.

Leave the children alone.

HelloThere said...

It's truly makes my skin craw! Kennedy's middle name should be shame. The worst part of this whole dispicle thing is...her friends watched Bobby Kennedy & Cheryl Hines destroy his wife, the mother of his children, they have no loyalty! It's in their awful jeans.