Friday, May 21, 2010

Coaching Lessons: Don't Multitask. Focus.

Last summer I posted some remarks about multitasking. Link here. I thought at the time that when people say they are multitasking they are either rationalizing their difficulty focusing, or else, they are creating a situation where they are forcing themselves to lose focus.

You might well enhance your self-esteem by thinking that you can juggle several balls at once, you will be losing more by failing to concentrate on a single problem at a time.

Anyway, Peter Bregman has an excellent post on the topic today. Link here. In it he offers some cogent and helpful observations about the perils of multitasking and the advantages to getting over this bad habit. Once he stopped multitasking Bregman discovered that he had found a way to be more efficient, more effective, and less stressed.

As he describes it, there is so much to be gained by getting over multitasking, that one would be hard put to find a reason to continue it.

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