Friday, May 7, 2010

How to Rescue a Job Interview When It Starts Going Wrong

This piece must count as one of the best I have seen on how to handle a job interview. Written by Meridith Levinson for, it is entitled, "8 Ways a Job Interview Can Take a Turn for the Worse." Link here. While the article appears on a site that is addressed to IT professionals, everything about it will be useful for any job candidate.

However well you prepare for your job interview, the chances are very good that something will happen that throws you off your game. How you deal with a curve ball or with an unexpected slip up will often spell the difference between getting the job and not.

Jobs are a lot like life. Much of your success will hinge on how you overcome your own mistakes.

Thus, reviewing the points that Levinson outlines and preparing for dealing with them will be well worth your effort. It is good to anticipate being caught off guard by an awkward question or situation. As with other aspects of job performance, this one will require preparation.

Good luck.

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