Monday, May 3, 2010

Obama's Divisive Sense of Humor

I mentioned yesterday that if President Obama wants to make a substantive contribution to civil discourse he can start by apologizing for his own divisive tactics. It is simply not enough to stand above the fray and call out people on both sides for threatening American deliberative democracy.

When I wrote that post I had neither seen nor heard about Obama's performance at the White House Correspondents Dinner. Now I read Jennifer Rubin's commentary on it and discover that Obama was, at the least, true to himself.

Given the opportunity to try out a little self-deprecating humor-- that is, after all the natural order at these events-- Obama make a mockery of everyone but himself. Even when he is given a free ticket, he cannot muster even a semblance of humility. Is he that afraid of appearing to be weak? Is he that insecure?

As Rubin puts it: "... when seen in conjunction with his general lack of respect for adversaries and his nonstop attacks on everyone from Sarah Palin to Fox News to his predecessor, one comes away with a picture of a thin-skinned and rather nasty character."


Anonymous said...

Check out his UofMich commencement address - complete with telepropmpter - so we know his comments were intentional.

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