Friday, May 21, 2010

More on Spain's Green Economy

Two days ago I posted about two differing views of the value of the green economy. I contrasted Tom Friedman's pie-in-the-sky view that greening the economy would be a win-win situation-- meaning a win for Friedman and a win for us-- with the results of Spain's efforts to green its economy. Link here.

Since the Spanish government report had not yet been made public, I relied on Christopher Horner's preview. Now the report has made its way into the Spanish press, and Horner offers us another post about how bad the green jobs initiative has worked out. Link here.

As Horner points out, Spain's example was Pres. Obama's role model for what he wants to bring to America. We are well within our rights to ask whether Obama will draw a lesson from the Spanish debacle or whether he will continue to ignore reality and push ahead.

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