Monday, June 14, 2010

Is the New Media Ruining Our Minds?

Ten days ago I offered my opinion on the topic, which was, generally, that the new media-- whether Google or the blogosphere-- was a boon to human intelligence. Link here. I even suggested that the internet has allowed us to participate in the freest of free markets in ideas.

A few days later eminent Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker weighed in on the same topic, from a perspective that has a lot in common with mine. In case you missed his op-ed piece, "Mind Over Mass Media," here's a link.

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An Unmarried Man said...

New media invariably present us with further freedoms than society is comfortable with.

With the freedom comes the inherent harm that can be invited by abuse and unwise decisions.

The blogosphere is full of excellent wisdom but it is also brimming with questionable material. No longer can we relay on editors or proofreaders to filter the material. The burden is on us, as readers. One more step toward absolute freedom.