Thursday, December 16, 2010

"The Man Repeller"

I'm not sure why high school student Leandra Medine had to call her blog: "The Man Repeller," but apparently the title appeals to today's feminist sensibility. Who knew?

Beyond all of the pseudo-deep reflections about what certain fashion statements do or do not do to the male gaze-- read some of them here and here-- let's imagine that women can be attractive without baring nearly all of their intimate assets. I hope that that's not too radical a notion. 

Better yet, why not see the trend, assuming that it's real, as signifying a wish by some women to return to modesty.

Clearly, there's nothing wrong with modesty. There is something wrong when a normal tendency for women to be more modest has to be larded over with empty feminist musings.


Anonymous said...

Annie Hall.... It really is the 70s all over again.


wv: cibici; probably so....

Ari said...

If they were serious about repelling men, a couple of pizza pies and a few milkshakes every day in addition to their normal diet would probably work best. Results guaranteed in six months to a year.

Dennis said...

I used to read "Playboy" back when things were left to the mystery of what could be. Much of the enjoyment of life is in not knowing and being the one to discover all that is involved in that not knowing.
When things become common place they lose a portion of their ability to enthuse and create interest. Feminists never understood that because they have no real imagination and see men as as incapable of layers of involvement and enjoyment. We are not the simple beings they would like to portray us as. In many cases that misunderstanding has done a lot of damage to women s relationships with men and actually created the very image they started out to change.
Much of the enjoyment of life is in discovery.