Wednesday, December 15, 2010

TIME's Person of the Year

You probably know by now that Time Magazine has just named Mark Zuckerberg its Person of the Year. Link here. 

Zuckerberg was not my first choice, but he was surely a good choice. No caviling about that.

I am, however, pleased to note that my candidate, the Tea Party, came in second. Link here. You may recall that I was among the first-- to my knowledge-- to criticize Time for not including the Tea Party on the list of candidates. Link here. 

Apparently, the message did get through to Time's editors, and they did give full consideration to the importance and influence of the Tea Party in 2010. 


The Ghost said...

I am curious as to how Facebook effected...

1) the economy
2) the 2010 elections
3) the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
4) peace in the Middle East
5) foreign relations between the US and Russia or China or India
6) Iran’s pursuit of a nuclear weapon
7) the global warming debate
8) North Korea’s gulags
9) China’s suppression of human rights
10) the ObamaCare debate
11) the Arizona immigration law debate

I can’t see how the world and specifically the US would be any different between 2009 and 2010 if Facebook never existed …

Stuart Schneiderman said...

Your point is well taken... I was heartened, perhaps wrongly, that the Tea Party made it into second place. When I first wrote about the TP it was not even on the list that Time's editors were asking people to vote on.