Monday, December 6, 2010


JP said...

"All human societies require new members and same-sex couples cannot, never could, and will never be able to reproduce."

I'm pretty sure that we are close to the point where this is no longer exactly true.

Scientists are trying to create technology that allows same-sex human reproduction through manipulation of sperm and egg cells.

Stuart Schneiderman said...

Leave it to science!! Though it would be quite a trick if they succeed in creating a human embryo by merging two sperm cells or two eggs??

The funny part is, I'm sure that they are hard at work at it as we write... and that they will succeed?

I suppose that there's always the chance of cloning.

The problem then will become that it is not a very economical way to propagate.

JP said...

Well, two sperm are impossible, unless you want to have a YY chromosome, which I am pretty sure is impossible.

They are also trying to combine genetics so that you end up with three parents, so to speak.

Economics will almost certainly play a role, that's for sure.

Chuck Pelto said...

TO: Dr. Schneiderman, et al.
RE: Oh Boy!

Nussbaum is an important professor and liberal thinker.If we want to know what the American left is thinking when it does its best thinking, she is the place to go. And when you want to know how the left works to manipulate public opinion, it is good to have access to its strategy sessions. -- Stuart Schneiderman

What was that story I reported earlier, about a new cadet at West Point asking his TAC Officer WHY he had to subscribe to the New York Times? And the TAC replied, "Know your enemy."


[If it worked before, it SHOULD work again.]

Chuck Pelto said...

P.S. Why do I see a 'parallel' between this Nussbaum and the old Soviet approach to 'therapy'?

I'll wager dollars against donuts that the next step in the process is that if you don't respond 'properly' to their 'therapy', you'll find yourself described in [the probably already written in part] DSM-VI. Or maybe even in DSM-V, when it FINALLY comes out as 'official'.

Please pardon my 'paranoia', BUT, as something of a student of history, I've seen this 'act' before.

Chuck Pelto said...

P.P.S. What was I saying,....

You can call this therapy or persuasion, as you like, but the fact remains that Nussbaum’s thinking has come to dominate the public debate, to the point where those who oppose same-sex marriage tend to be denounced as bigots. They are even accused of engaging in hate speech. -- Stuart Schneiderman

.... earlier????!?!?

I call it a pre-cursor to internment for politically incorrect thought.

And, by the way, totalitarians of all ilks do the same. Hitler and Stalin BOTH practiced this sort of 'therapy'.

[Fascism and Communism are opposing faces of one coin, made of the same base metal: Totalitarianism. -- CBPelto]

LordSomber said...

Leave it to science!!

"Progressives" can't make up their minds whether they want to "progress" towards Brave New World or 1984.