Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bottoms Up

Some people think it’s offensive, but, then again, some people think that just about everything is offensive.

Still, we do well to learn how to think about human relationships in marketplace terms. Call it an effort to think more rationally and less emotionally.

We all believe that we think rationally, but we have been brought up to think of human behavior in terms of feeling and spirituality.

Lately, behavioral economists and sociologists have been studying human behavior in marketplace terms. They have also used the tools provided us by Darwin. In so doing, they have shed new light on the economics of the hook-up culture.

In the blogosphere Susan Walsh at HookingUpSmart has been guiding us through this way of thinking for quite some time now.

Yesterday, she posted on some new research into hooking up. I had duly noted it in my post, Love on the Cheap.

Walsh’s post was entitled: Has the Priceof Sex Bottomed Out? If I had no other reason, I would link it for the pun in the title. You will notice that Walsh’s pun inspired the title of this post.

As always, Walsh provides us with good training in how to think about human relationships in market terms. She and the others who are working this field may not have all the answers but they are helping us all to think more clearly and rationally and objectively about what goes on between people in this world.

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Susan Walsh said...

Stuart, a very belated thank you for the link and your very kind words. I appreciate your support a great deal!