Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Obama's Misleadership

By now, just about everyone knows that Barack Obama has been an abject failure as a leader.

I have posted about his failures because I have found them instructive. We can all learn from failures, our own and those of our leaders.

I have also suggested that Obama might decide not to run for re-election. For him to make that decision, however, he would have to have a higher level of leadership skills.

For a man who thinks that it’s all about him, withdrawal does not seem likely. Obama does not know enough about leadership to know that he has failed and does not know enough about leadership to know what to do when you fail.

It appears increasingly likely that he will seek vindication in the next election. Sadly, he seems to believe that if he can trick enough people into voting for him, that will make him a successful leader.

After all, it worked before.

This morning Kathleen Brush combines these two themes in a great column where she offers ten reasons why Obama has failed as a leader and should not run again.

It’s well worth your attention. 

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