Friday, September 2, 2011

Et Tu, Frank Rich

Frank Rich has not just arrived at the party. He stated his disappointment in Barack Obama two months ago. Link here.
This week the administration tried its hand at scheduling the president’s upcoming address to a joint session of Congress. It told House Speaker Boehner that the president wanted to give the speech on Wednesday, even though the date conflicted with a long scheduled Republican presidential debate.
Speaker Boehner balked at the proposal and the administration had to accept another date.
Speaking with Piers Morgan, Rich commented: “I think it's amateur night….You'd think that the White House would have figured out this [Republican] debate was going on, you know. It's not being held on a public access really makes you wonder who is in charge."
After agreeing with Morgan that Obama came off looking “weak,” Rich added: “That speech really better be dynamite….Because after all this buildup and nonsense and farce, if he, you know, delivers a mouse, particularly for you think of all the Americans who are suffering from unemployment, he's got a bigger problem than he started with."
As for his judgment of the Obama administration, Rich does not pull his punches: “This has been a very scattered administration…. I don’t know what the problem has been. But it’s really been a rhetorical and in some ways a substantive failure.


Sam L. said...

He's still 3 years late.

sex shop blog said...

It can't succeed in fact, that is what I think.