Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Wild West Comes to New York City

If you thought California was bad, how about what happened in New York City last weekend.

In the course of the Labor Day weekend, there were 67 shootings, with ten fatalities. You would have thought that the Wild West had come to New York City.

The only surprise is why it took so long. New York has some of the worst income disparities in the nation. It has some of the highest taxes in the nation. It has some of the most powerful labor unions. Youth unemployment is unconscionably high. And Rudy Giuliani’s successor has nothing to offer but liberal pieties.

As the city was descending into violence, Mayor Bloomberg managed to place the blame on lax federal gun control laws.

For its part, New York City has very strict gun control laws. Apparently, they haven’t been working. So Bloomberg is happy to shift the blame to the federal government.

Doesn’t that tell would-be criminals that they are not going to be held responsible or accountable for their actions?

Whatever happened to the idea that criminals, not guns, commit crimes?

I am wondering how New Yorkers would react to a presidential candidate who is a strong second amendment advocate, like a Rick Perry? Would they shudder in fear that a Perry presidency would bring the Wild West to the streets of New York?

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Dennis said...

Where gun ownership goes up crime goes down. About the only people who want gun control are , criminals, politicians, and Leftists. The term criminal and politician are not mutually exclusive in that many politicians are not much better than criminals. They steal with the same reckless abandon that criminals do.
One can understand why a criminal doesn't want his intended victim to be able to protect themselves. That would make crime riskier for the perpetrator.
I can see why leftists don't want people to have guns. The violence they see in themselves is transferred to others and the lust for power over others always takes precedence to the safety of others.